The Golden rule of health, harmony and longevity

Scientists from the University of Geneva presented the results of their research, which indicate that low calorie diet causes specific changes in the composition of the intestinal microbiome that contribute to better health and getting rid of excess weight and prolong life. These processes involve reactions of the immune system changes the microflora, reported in the journal Cell Metabolism.

The positive effect of low-calorie food on health science have been expressed before. In the new study, the researchers aimed to understand, than it is due. Their experiments with mice showed that for the month low-calorie food increases the amount of beige fat (type of fat tissue, similar to brown fat), the burning of which in the production of energy leads to weight loss. It turned out that on the background of a low-calorie diet faster decrease of the blood sugar level, improves liver function, and improves the body’s response to insulin.

After analyzing the composition of the intestinal microflora of hungry mice, the researchers found: in the body of these animals inhabited the bacteria that contributed to the decrease in the level of toxic molecules of lipopolysaccharides. According to experts, lipopolysaccharides to provoke the immune system specific response and abnormally active, leading to metabolic disorders and related diseases and weight gain. Their low content protects against such processes, improved performance and prolonging the life. Previous experiments on mice showed that reducing calorie intake by 40% did animals healthier and more slender, and lengthened their lives.

Now scientists intend to create a drug that mimics action in the body of a low calorie diet.

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