Specialists told about helping to get rid of belly fat diet

Scientists from the University of California in San Luis Obispo told about the food system, which will help to remove belly fat. According to Dr. brown Pilol, make the waist is easiest using so-called heart diet.

It clarifies the TV channel REN TV, the essence of this diet is to eat mostly foods rich in fiber — bran, whole grains, legumes, mushrooms, nuts, vegetables and fruits. Thus it is necessary to abandon saturated fats food bacon, sausages, greasy fried meat, pastries and junk food.

Also, scientists are advised to eat foods based on the Mediterranean diet, including olive oil, fish and cereals.

“Excess weight around the waist increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and metabolic syndrome,” said Proll, noting that the so-called abdominal obesity (measured by waist size) suffer 54% of Americans.

In the fall the percentage of women with a waist measurement not less than 86 cm and men with the volume of the stomach 100 cm or more.

Earlier in August, Harvard scientists have found that low carb diets significantly reduce life expectancy.