“From chemistry to Wi-Fi”: the Doctors commented on all the “stupid” myths about cancer

New technology has brought many benefits, but in society they are often perceived with extreme caution, and blame – the promotion of unproven or false information.

Scientists checked out and dispelled all the “stupid” myths about cancer that have developed over the years, and steadily remain on the lips of the people. Experts have examined nearly every industry – from chemicals to Wi-Fi, which are considered potentially dangerous provocateurs tumors. It turned out that mobile phones and wireless Internet did not affect the increase in cancer rates, and statistics says that increase in demand for gadgets in the percentage of patients with a brain tumor.

Experts said that the term “chemistry” and “chemical substances” and their harmful effect on the body – an inaccurate statement, because the conventional wind is a chemical process. The researchers noted that airborne components can induce lung cancer, but to control this process possible, and to do so should the government. Moreover, Smoking is the main enemy, launching into the space the hazardous substance, and the people themselves create the conditions for each other and themselves.

Organic foods grown in special farms, were also checked, and experts are unable to say that such foods may protect a person from occurrence of cancer. It turned out that the risk from the person who use even such food is quite high. Individual products with chemical fertilizers is really dangerous, but the presence of such components is easy to check.

According to scientists, the greatest threat to the public and all mankind is obesity, which causes cancer, so people with excess weight should increase the level of physical activity in life. The experts also advised to stop Smoking, which is injurious to health and causes cancer just as often as air pollution. To abuse being in the sun experts do not suggest, because cancer of the skin with such habits can occur with high probability.