Young skater almost died from anorexia

21-year-old skater who is a victim of anorexia, said that from the death of her separated by only a few weeks. The girl some time adhered to a murderous diet of one Apple a day.

16 years old skater from Michigan Nicole Rossi would often think about what she eats, and how much this weighs. She decided that the so-called clean food will help her to train better. Exactly what the now 21-year-old Nicole was the victim of anorexia – severe eating disorders. The girl almost took out a mouth full of gum to numb hunger pangs, and sometimes she ate nothing but one Apple a day for two weeks. Naturally, such a diet regime really affected the performance of Nicole, but only for the worse.

Very soon because of the weakness of the girl stopped training, she had the feeling that she was dying. In the end, the skater was hospitalized, and doctors said that the organs in her body are denied, so the girl can die after a few weeks. That was the most disturbing call to which Nicole finally decided to listen. She refused figure skating and start to deal with your disorder more serious. A huge help in that she had a boyfriend Jacob and relatives. The girl brought out a murderous state with a special nutrition shakes and then transferred to the therapeutic high-calorie food. Now, she is preparing to become occupational therapist, and she publicly shares her story to warn other potential victims of anorexia.

Magicforum recalls that anorexia is a serious mental disorder in which a person restricts food intake. Sometimes this leads to severe underweight. Many victims of anorexia also strenuously exercise, and after absorbing any food they artificially cause vomiting. In the most severe cases, patients are faced with multi-organ failure, cardiac arrest and death. (READ MORE)