Because of an error the doctor’s scrotum was the size of a watermelon

Scrotum that thirty men were swollen to the size of a watermelon after surgeons accidentally cut his penis with a scalpel. As a result, the victim had to get rid of excess volumes of liquid for 10 days.

30-year-old Indian went to the doctors with complaints of prolonged disorders of urination – constriction of the urethra. Within two years the man could not urinate due to the fact that the infection led to scarring of the urethra. The patient was prescribed standard for such cases, surgical operation, after which he was immediately to be relieved. Unfortunately, one issue came much more pronounced different. The surgeons removed scar tissue inside the penis of men, so he could send natural needs, but is accidentally damaged with a scalpel to the penis.

Immediately after the operation, the scrotum of the patient began to fill up with fluid and was soon swollen to the size of a watermelon. Two days he was in the hospital, and then another 10 days retreated after an unexpected side effect. Patient collided with edema – fluid accumulation in the body. The doctors checked him out after he was convinced that the scrotum is no longer growing in size. He was advised to use a special support for the swollen parts of the body. Fortunately, in the next few days the swelling gradually subsided, and soon the scrotum is back to normal.

However, this story cannot compare to the misadventures of a man from Kenya, who last year went through the surgical reduction of the scrotum, weighing 5 kg and almost one meter long penis. Due to giant genitals male could not walk, used clothes and attend school. It was believed that penis enlargement was caused by the bite of a mosquito, which was released by the larva, which turned into a worm parasite. This worm locked the system outflow of fluid in the body, causing genitals and began to swell. (READ MORE)