TVs deprive people of the joy of sex

TV kills the sex life, the study showed. With TV partners on 6% less likely to have sex in any of the weeks.

With TV partners on 6% less likely to be engaged in sex in any of the weeks, as found by scientists from the University of Delaware. In other words, the authors seriously suggesting that some people in modern society still do not own a TV. However, the researchers agree that although TV has a negative impact on the level of intimacy in life partners, truly destructive sexual life are smartphones. These are the results of the study, which was attended by 4 million people from 80 countries.

The study showed that the average person today has sex three times a month, although in 1990 the figure was 5 times. The authors of the study ironic to notice that together with the TV at 10:30 PM at partners off life, then they go to sleep, because “to do nothing”. The researchers focused observations on low and average incomes, and the surveys were conducted in 2010, when the era of smartphones began. That’s why today’s smartphones may be even more significant factors in reducing the intensity of sexual life than televisions.

Scientists emphasize that a person’s income, age or education level affect how much sex he has in his life, if he owns a TV. In the US the average adult spends about 11 hours for the communication with various media sources, whether it’s viewing, reading or listening, as recently discovered by analysts. (READ MORE)