Scientists reported the risk of early death due to low-carb diets

Harvard scientists have learned that low carb diets significantly reduce life expectancy. The results of the study publishes The Independent.

For 25 years, researchers followed the lives of 15 thousand people. They wanted to test earlier research findings that low-carb diets help you lose weight and improve blood pressure.

As it turned out, in the long-term lack of carbohydrates (less than 40% of the diet) leads to health problems, including increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

However, the reason was not the lack of carbohydrates, the researchers note. Life expectancy has declined over food, which the participants of the experiment were replaced with carbohydrates. In particular, this containing fat and protein meat, cheese, butter and milk.

Scientists recommend to make your diet 50% carbohydrates, and eat more greens, fruits and vegetables.

Earlier in August, the scientists concluded that coconut oil is one of the most harmful products.