Alcohol in small doses as a harmful and useful

Even insignificant quantity of alcohol consumed can cause serious health damage, according to some scientists. But for others alcohol may be useful. Who is right?

The chief psychiatrist of the Moscow healthcare Department, doctor of medical Sciences Yevgeny Bryun said that as the harm and also the possible usefulness of moderate doses of alcohol, are factors closely related to individual characteristics of the organism.

According to Brune, for a large number of people a small dose of alcohol may be practically safe because of the existing in their body enzymatic system of the liver having high activity. This allows you to quickly break down alcohol and metabolize its breakdown products. But people who do not have such an active enzyme, even minimal amounts of alcohol can be very harmful.

Yevgeny Bryun said: everyday drinking red aged wine almost gives people liver cirrhosis, but for women with low estrogen levels may be, for example, useful beer.

The opinion about the usefulness of beer to the health of women and men agreed and another Russian scientist, Professor of biological faculty of Moscow state University Andrey Kamenskiy.

“Beer has a positive effect on any organism, but not more than half a liter a day. Brewer’s yeast is a storehouse of vitamins, especially group b,” – said the expert.
Also Kamensky commented on the fact that a certain amount of alcohol has no harm to the body.

“25 grams of pure alcohol, about a glass of wine, even useful. Alcohol washes of vessels lipids, the fats that there, begin to form plaque, but it is the road to stroke,” – said the Professor.
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