No safe dose of alcohol does not exist

Alcohol wish to keep healthy people need to adhere to a policy of zero tolerance. The study showed that there are no minimally useful for the body doses of alcohol.

Even if a person uses alcohol not constantly, but from time to time and in small quantities, it still brings death and the risk of serious problems with health. These are the results of extensive research in the field of alcohol consumption among 195 countries, where due to alcohol each year recorded 2.8 million premature deaths. Scientists from Seattle emphasize that there is no safe level of alcohol does not exist. Note that in the research took part more than 500 experts.

Magicforum recalls that in recent years many studies have shown the ability to moderate alcohol consumption reduce the risk of heart disease, but new large-scale work showed that any dose of alcohol increases the degree of probability of harm, than brings it up. In other words, any protective effect of alcohol, even if it exists, is completely leveled its health risks. And these risks grow in the case when a person drinks 10 grams of pure alcohol per day.

This dose is equivalent to a small beer, glass of wine or shot glass of vodka. Even in this case, increases the likelihood of developing at least one of the two dozen serious health problems by approximately 0.5%. With increasing doses of alcohol, this danger gradually increases. (READ MORE)