Sushi with raw chicken nearly led to blindness

This man was almost blind after his body got a tapeworm. The parasite was originally located inside sushi with raw chicken.

34-year-old Japanese, who have feasted on sushi from raw chicken, was faced with a parasite that nearly took his eyesight. In otherwise healthy male after ingestion of this product are faced with neoplasms (nodule) in the lungs and liver that were caused by the activities of the tapeworm. The doctors discovered that their patient ate chicken sashimi kind of sushiin which meat is fried with all, but not cooked completely. The man went to the hospital with complaints of abdominal pain, which passed 10 days. Doctors performed a series of tests and was diagnosed with toxocariasis.

This is a fairly rare infection, which is caused by tapeworms parasites. In some cases the victim loses his sight. Thankfully, treatment begun in a timely manner, irreversible changes in the body did not happen, and after receiving antiparasitic drugs, the man is fully recovered. The subsequent scan showed the disappearance modulov in the chest and liver, and the content of white blood cells which are usually elevated in infection, returned to normal.

Infection toxocariasis is rare in people. It causes fever, fatigue, weight loss, respiratory disorders, seizures, or visual disturbances, and in some cases total blindness. Man becomes infected after ingestion of the parasite, which is found in soil, sand or animal meat and faeces. Eggs enter the intestine, where isolated larvae, which can travel through the body. The same egg can develop into a full-fledged parasite and transmitted between people. (READ MORE)