As with the autumn harvest become more beautiful

Autumn is approaching, and that means caring for each other may change slightly. Weather is different, the days are shorter and the nights longer, our body is preparing for a long winter. And he needs to help.

When we move from a warm, humid summer to a cooler season, our skin notices the change. During this period you may notice the skin is more dry than usual or that your skin may be more sensitive due to more dry air. Fortunately, we can use natural and organic gifts of Mother Earth to complement machienery skin care. Autumn rich in fruits, and many of them can be used for beauty. Magicforum decided to find out how to use autumn gifts of the nature for care.

Masks from natural ingredients

Feel that you have no time to create a homemade mask? Don’t worry, you can just order a honey mask in your network or buy it in the store . After using any mask, apply a nourishing cream, your skin will fall in need of special protection.

Here are a few recipes of masks that you can do at home.


This Apple and honey mask at the same time. Two of the most of the autumn product is perfect for skin beauty. Apple is the most delicious fruit in the fall. Take the time to go out on the day of Apple-picking to support your local garden to enjoy the fresh air and get a dose of vitamin D before the onset of winter. If anywhere near mushrooms, also not a problem, visit a local market there also you can find them, and even honey, which I will need for this mask.
The ingredients you need to blend and mix. Then gently apply to face with fingers.
Datemask 20 minutes and remove it with a warm cloth.

Mask with pear and yoghurt

This mask also moisturizes the skin. We often find apples in the recipes of beauty, but the pear is often overlooked. Don’t make this mistake! It is always good to change the mask for the face, so try to alternate between all three masks instead of sticking to the same few weeks. Pears are often treatise to apples, so you can even try this mask first.
Pear mask needs to be very ripe, so it was easy to grind. Add the puree yogurt and apply the mixture on the skin.
Datemask 20 minutes and remove the mixture with warm cloth.

Pumpkin and oatmeal

Exfoliating mask with pumpkin and oatmeal are also useful for the face. It can be a good peeling.
Pumpkin is a wonderful product,the second most popular when it comes to pie. Combined with oatmeal, you can make an outstanding exfoliating mask. Pumpkin it is better to use baked and not raw, to better applied to the skin.
It’s three simple two-component masks for fabulous fall skin. Enjoy them in the weekend the weekend or in the evenings after a long day, soaking in a hot bath or a Cup of coffee or tea and the morning news, in its sole discretion.

Cream with autumn gifts of nature

If you can’t find fresh pumpkin or don’t have time to do mask at home, you can pay attention to the finished goods that contain extracts of autumn gifts of nature. They may not be as useful and natural, but perhaps you’ll appreciate this collection “autumn makeup” from the store.

Clear Skin Cranberry Mud Mask

Cranberry cleansing mask with sulfur and natural clays to absorb excess oil. It belongs to the series “autumn” cosmetics and many experts praise it and recommend to people with oily skin.

Pumpkin Renew Cream

A light moisturizerthat nourishes the skin. In its composition the cream contains extracts of pumpkin, which, as we have said before, very useful. This cream is suitable for those who have a mixed type of skin or oily skin. Good to use with light age spots. And it will help to whiten the face after the summer sun, which can be proved to be too noticeable, but can be activated by your freckles.

Apple Brightening Cream

Another cream that will help lighten the skin after excessive summer sun. It contains Apple extract, which is also very helpful, overall, to your face, and in the fall especially.
Cream good to use after a good exfoliation, which will free the person from dead cells and will make it more receptive to nutrients of this cream, allowing them to penetrate much deeper into the skin.

Fruit Fiesta Peel

Peeling that can be used before applying any cream. In its composition it contains acid fruit that ripens in the fall. Acids rejuvenate the skin, exfoliate and apply smoothly. With the help of exfoliation can affect skin quite regularly without any harm, fall is the best time to begin the renewal of the skin thus. In the summer the use of exfoliation can be dangerous due to the fact that the skin may be spots, but now we can safely apply the mixture on the face and clean it, allowing each tender to be updated and tone this way.

All these means are good and contain a useful autumn gifts. You can also choose any of your vehicle, which also contains the ripe apples, pears, honey or pumpkin. All autumn harvest is good for health and it can safely be used at home, collecting your own peel or cream on the basis of what is available. In addition, even pure products are good to use if they are natural. You can make a mask exclusively of pumpkin, tomato or apples. All these will nourish your skin and take care of her condition. You can experiment and add to the mixture of ingredients at your discretion, which you seem to be attractive, the number of masks is almost unlimited. Be creative and use natural ingredients to support your skin, because autumn is rich and generous!

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