Kazakhstan, the boy-man had plastic surgery

Living in Astana, Ekaterina Alibekov in his six years is due to a rare genetic disease almost like an old man. It became known that on the gathered philanthropists money he had the eyelid surgery operation eyelid surgery.

Operated Arnara specialists of the Kazakh research Institute of eye diseases in Almaty. The boy suffers from a syndrome that is a consequence of gene mutations that cause the pathology of connective tissue in the skin. The treatment of this disorder does not exist.

According to the Professor, the doctor-dermatologist IMST Olga Loseva manifestation of this disease in patients is different. For example, patients sometimes lose mobility, or in the case of skin problems it may be a disease of the whole body or only on face.

The doctor thinks the boy made the operation will not change the situation of things in the future will still start to SAG again. According to Olga Loseva, the only thing you can do to care for the person, allowing to reduce the symptoms of the disease. The expert noted that people with a similar disease, senile pathology of the bones can develop to thirty years are, as a rule, osteoporosis and fractures.

In our time, increasingly you hear the view that in recent years has been increasing the number of children with genetic abnormalities. Member of Committee on health protection state Duma of the Russian Federation Yuri Kobzev noted: at the time of his studies in medical school a child with a genetic disease was a rarity, then as now can tell almost any practitioner.

“Their treatment falls on the regional budgets : 2-3 such patients eat the whole health budget. What will happen in 10-15 years?” – said Yuri Kobzev.
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