The types of things you need to know each girl?

If you have at least once in your life uttered the phrase “It’s not my style”, article written for you. As a rule, women do not always understand the meaning of this phrase. After all, any wardrobe needs to be picked up according to your body type. Today we tell about them and the secrets that will help you better choose clothes and to hide their shortcomings, highlighting the advantages.

One distinguishes five kinds of shapes. Should take this information into account that your appearance did not alienate people, but on the contrary, attracted others, gave you confidence, and the reflection in the mirror makes you happy.


This type of shape is considered a classic. In this case, the width of the hips equal to the widths of the shoulders. Therefore, the lower and upper body look more in proportion than that nothing confuses people when looking at such a person. Waist, with the figure of the “hourglass” is pronounced. When weight gain in women, usually grow hips and Breasts. On the thighs can form the so-called “ears”. But despite the fat, the waist of a woman is always pronounced. And if the fairer sex will lose weight, the hips will remain feminine, juicy and curved.

Owners of the type of figure “hourglass” was and is a celebrity.

Jessica Simpson
Sophia Loren
Scarlett Johansson
Halle Berry
Signs of the type of shape “hourglass”:

  1. You have a rounded bust and buttocks;
  2. You have a pronounced waist, which is not lost even under a small layer of fat;
  3. You have rounded hands and feet;
  4. When weight you get fat most of the thighs, buttocks and Breasts.

What clothes to choose?

When the figure of the “hourglass” you can choose almost any clothing. However, there are certain types of clothing that should avoid:

  • Baggy and shapeless clothes, an over bed;
  • Too tight clothes;
  • Pronounced prints (stripes, geometric shapes, cell);
  • Too tight pants and jeans;
  • Too heavy and dense fabrics that are fattening;
  • Clothing with a boat neckline (especially if you are the owner of lush Breasts too).

“Apple” (figure)

The owners of type shape “Apple” the most prominent part of the body are the waist and belly. The relatively thin legs, thighs and buttocks. If a woman begins to gain weight, the fat usually is distributed on the abdomen.

It must be hard to believe, but among celebrities, many people with this type of figure.

Alla Pugacheva

Kelly Osbourne

Signs of a type of shape “Apple”:

  1. The shoulders and hips almost the same width;
  2. The figure from the shoulders to the hips has smooth curves;
  3. Slender and lean legs, buttocks;
  4. There is a tendency to gain weight.

What clothes to choose?

  • Avoid tight-fitting clothes;
  • Don’t wear tight pants and skirts;
  • Try not to wear clothing with large prints on the fabric.

“Pear” (or figure A)

In the type of shape “pear” women have too large width of the thighs and narrow shoulders. In contrast to the “hourglass”, where the top and bottom is very proportional, “pears” bottom prevails. The top looks more elegant than the bottom. Waist may be understated, but always pronounced.

When weight women is the”pear” fat is stored, usually in the lower part of the thighs, buttocks and flanks. The more the weight, the disparity between the top and bottom will be higher. When losing weight, the figure of such women is becoming more proportional. It is important for pears to always keep your back straight as slouching leads to the fact that all the flaws only become noticeable.

Among the famous people also a lot of owners of these types of shapes:

Jennifer Lopez

Kate Winslet

Signs of the type of figure “pear”:

  1. Hips wider than shoulders;
  2. On the sides, in the buttocks, hips and thighs is delayed more fat;
  3. A flat stomach, and hips are beautiful and extensive bending;
  4. You have a narrow neck, the shoulders;
  5. When you get fat, increasing the weight in the bottom and the shoulders, chest and face do not lose their old beauty.

What clothes to choose?

In this case it is better not to hide the curves of his body and to emphasize the dignity, hide small flaws. You must use the clothes to create a proportional figure. For this it is better to forget about the following clothes:

  • Baggy clothing that hides the waist and makes the figure heavy;
  • Too tight clothes that accentuate the imbalance;
  • Accessories such as peplum, belts, trim, seams and prints;
  • Hard not draped fabric, which only give volume;
  • Skirts-tulips.

“Triangle” (figure Y)

This figure type has broad shoulders and narrow hips. Is the first symptom, which is always paying attention. The upper part of the body, usually shorter than lower and it is characterized by massive compared to the thin legs. Waist may not even exist or it is unmarked. The woman-“triangle” fats when weight goes, mostly in the upper torso and legs remain slender.

Typical “triangles” attribute of some stars.

Demi Moore

Rene Zellweger

Signs of the type of figure “triangle”:

  1. Broad shoulders and narrow hips;
  2. Flat buttocks and narrow pelvis;
  3. When weight increases the area of the shoulder girdle;
  4. For excess weight the shape above looks like a triangle.

What clothes to choose?

You should avoid:

  • Wide and large collar, which will only increase the upper part;
  • Decorative elements on the chest, curved jewelry and accessories;
  • Too long skirts and sleeves;
  • The tapered profile;
  • Dvuhmestnye jackets;
  • Too thin and soft fabric.

“Rectangle” (figure N)

The woman-“rectangle” of the same width shoulders, hips and practically no waist. Because of this, the figure looks flat, like a rectangle. Moreover, with this type of people is most pronounced tendency to be overweight. When weight human figure is becoming more like a rectangle and begins to act stomach. If you start to lose weight, then the figure becomes almost perfect.

Such type of figure are many famous personalities. Although, I think that even you could not notice this due to their ability to hide the flaws.

Lindsay Lohan

Keira Knightley

Signs of a type of shape “rectangle”:

  1. Hips and shoulders same width;
  2. Chunky body, but slim and fit legs;
  3. Unexpressed waist;
  4. Straight arms and legs without curves;
  5. Flat buttocks and hips.

What clothes to choose?

  • You should not wear baggy stuff;
  • Get in the wardrobe of tight pants and skirts;
  • Don’t wear the fitted silhouette;
  • Not utgivits straps and belts.