A simple way to detect kidney cancer before diagnosis

The journal Clinical Cancer Research published the arguments of scientists from the National Institute of health in the UK that predict the development of kidney cancer allows a simple blood test. According to experts, effectively determine the potential development of cancer thus it is possible long before the clinical diagnosis.

Researchers from the UK have worked together with clinicians from the Israeli diagnostic center. They hypothesized that the increase in the concentration of the marker KIM-1 observed in the kidney damage, may signal a future cancer.

Conducted investigations showed that this assumption is true. Examining the data of patients suffering from kidney cancer, the experts concluded that elevated levels of KIM-1 is really capable to indicate the possibility of developing cancer within five years.

The scientists measured the content of KIM-1 in analyses of patients who participated in the European study of cancer and nutrition (EPIC). Were selected 190 people who had suspected cancer and 190 healthy individuals of the same age and weight. When comparing the concentration of marker KIM-1 revealed: in the blood of people from the group with very high risk of kidney cancer indicators marker was twice as high.

“Critical biomarker of kidney disease, KIM-1 can help to predict the development of cancer in these organs before the diagnosis, with great accuracy. In patients with progressive kidney disease very high mortality rate, but the cure of cancer at an early stage we can. Data method will allow you to save thousands of lives”, – concluded in the end, the authors of the project.
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