Accelerate hair growth with mustard masks

Quite often you can see women with shiny, thick and silky long hair. Very few people such beauty is given by nature. Someone achieves a similar effect by using honey masks famous cosmetic brands, while others use special shampoos, balms, conditioners. Still others use the means at hand – one of these is the mustard powder. Long known that mustard mask for hair growth, homemade, improves their growth, so it is used not only for treatment of colds and when cooking. Magicforum gathered tips on using mustard for hair growth.

The benefits of mustard mask

With constant use of mustard masks, cooked at home, improves blood circulation process, thus the hair follicles get nutrients. This warming process leads to improved hair growth. Women applying masks constantly, noted that already a couple months later, it significantly increased (about 3-5 cm per month), so they will appeal to those who wish to achieve quick results.

Features of mustard masks

Mustard – very tricky for the hair substance, as incorrect use can bring them not good. Often women who have experienced the action of mustard, note that the skin on their heads has become much drier or even been burned. So, in order not to hurt yourself, it is enough to follow several rules:

1.The first time you use the mask do not have to keep specified in the recipe time can be reduced by half (usually it is 10-15 minutes instead of 20-30);

2.It is not advisable to overdo mask of mustard powder or to do it more often than specified in the recipe, hoping that the effect of its use will be stronger;

3.Has a warming effect, so the burning and sensation of warmth – this is normal. But if feelings become so strong that there is no way to tolerate them, the mask should quickly wash away;

4.In the preparation of homemade masks is not used prepared mustard that you can buy in the supermarket, and dry mustard powder;

5.Mask with mustard it is recommended to alternate with any other;

6.Mustard mask in addition to the mustard, as a rule, contain more nutrients (e.g., essential oils);

7.The selected recipe must be followed exactly, that is, the ingredients should be added in the specified quantity (meaning aggressive for the scalp substances – mustard, alcohol, etc.);

8.Before applying it is recommended to lubricate the wrist or the area behind the ear in order to observe you, allergic reactions;

9.Mask with mustard powder, made at home, are applied on dry unwashed hair;

10.When getting mustard in their eyes you should immediately rinse with water;

11.It is not necessary to make a mask of mustard powder for future use – before each use it is necessary to prepare a new one;

12.Only helps with regular use (minimum 1 month), otherwise, the effect will not be visible.

Recipes of masks with mustard

The recipe №1 (for dry hair). You need to take the following ingredients:

•mustard powder – 1 tsp;.

•egg yolk – 1 piece;

•water – 100 ml;

•gelatin – 1 tsp.

To start, cover the gelatine with water and heat. In the mixture add the chicken egg yolk and mix with mustard powder. If your hair is very dry, you can to the mixture to add a bit of burdock oil. The resulting composition applied to the roots, the head is covered with plastic and wrapped with a towel. After 20 minutes wash off the mask and wash your hair with shampoo if necessary apply the balm.

The recipe №2 (for normal hair). To prepare the mask, you need to take:

•mustard powder– 1 tbsp;.

•egg yolk – 1 piece;

•kefir – 0.5 cups.

Mix all ingredients, apply to roots, then following the instructions from the previous recipe. This mask is doubly useful – mustard stimulates hair growth, and yogurt prevents hair loss and makes it silky and shiny.

Recipe No. 3 (for hair prone to fat). You need to take the following ingredients:

•mustard – 1 tsp;.

•cosmetic blue clay– 2 St. l;.

•tincture of Arnica (you can buy in the pharmacy) – 1 tbsp

The ingredients are mixed, applied to the roots, cover with polythene and a towel. Wash off after 30 minutes. The mask helps to remove excess fat, so some girls say that hair longer appear dirty.

The recipe №4 (universal, suitable for all hair types). The ingredients necessary to prepare the mask at home:

•mustard – 2 tbsp. l;

•water – 2 tbsp. l;.

•burdock oil – 2 tbsp. l;.

•egg yolk – 1 PC.

All the ingredients you need to mix and apply evenly to the roots by the above method. Its regular use helps to strengthen hair and make them healthier.

It should be noted that rinse a mask to only warm water, as by contact with hot mustard releases a pair that are harmful to human health. Some women during the rinse head add mustard into the water, and then washed again clean.

To apply, you need to divide hair into small partings. Yourself to do not very convenient, therefore, to resort to outside help.

Side effects

Some women, after the application of mustard masks, notice that the dandruff or the tips were split. Others say that hair is stronger than before its use. One of the reasons of this problem – of poor quality or expired mustard.

It is not recommended to resort to this method of sprouting hair, young girls up to 16 years. It should also be said that mustard has a very specific smell, which not all normally tolerated. To avoid these side effects, you must strictly follow the recipe.


If you count the cost of mustard masks, it will amount to ten times less than purchase a jar of the miraculous composition, which is played on all channels. Therefore, the mask of mustard powder, cooked at home, everything else and helps you save finances. For all the above advantages of mustard masks, they have become a favorite with thousands of women around the world.

Although it was said above that the number of ingredients must comply with the recipe, I want to add that you can experiment with the components for the mask and slightly modify any recipe – place honey, green tea, some mix it with sugar. Harm these ingredients will not bring any. Remember that mustard is not as harmless as it seems at first glance, and carry out independent experiments on the hair is not desirable, so you should always listen to the advice of professionals.

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