KFD Public Relations Relaunches as Foundation, Adds Talent Division

KFD Public Relations is rebranding with a strong focus on digital.
The beauty and wellness agency, founded in 2015 by Kelly Fobar Davis, announced today that it is rebranding as Foundation, a digital-first communications agency with a newly added talent division. The rebrand also includes the addition of two new partners: Jane Lim, formerly of Thakoon and Next Management, and Jenny Lin, who has been with KFD for three years.
"We've grown so much in a short period of time and I wanted to make sure that not only the name but the brand reflected the people who have helped me build the company," said Kelly Fobar Davis. "The name Foundation felt encompassing of the people who helped build this company now."
The company's addition of an official talent division is reflective of an overall shift in beauty toward digital, as influencers and social media stars have become the leading voices in the industry. Foundation's talent management roster includes more than 20 influencers, such as Christen Dominique (3.9 million YouTube subscribers), Alexandra Pereira (1.6 million Instagram followers), Jkissa (344,000 YouTube subscribers) and Cara Santana (841,000 Instagram followers).
"From the initial start of the company, p.r. has always been the core of what we've done, but with everything in the media landscape changing, we knew we had to do more than that and offer more than communications services," said Davis.

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"A lot of agencies we're seeing are more talent procurement, in which they offer casting services for the clients, which are one-off projects, said Lim. "A lot of Kelly's current clients, they now have quite a bit of budget to tap a lot of my talents. It's a nice little system that we have going on."
Foundation's public relations roster includes Michelle Phan, Hourglass Cosmetics, Linda Wells' Flesh, Chriselle Lim, L'Oréal incubator Seed Phytonutrients, Eric Buterbaugh, Bkr and NatureLab. Tieghan Gerard of Half Baked Harvest and Go-To Skin Care are new additions. Foundation also handles public relations for Urban Decay's paid influencer programming.
"The reason why we've been able to secure some of the clientele that we have is because we work well in the traditional space," said Davis. "But our clients are also craving the work with the influencers as well."
"There's this tipping point where brands have to work with influencers and media and talent now," said Lin. If you don't do all three, you're not gonna be successful. We realized we could leverage our three different skill sets to combine forces and provide tremendous value to our clients."
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