Allergic to oranges: symptoms, causes and prevention

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Causes of allergies to oranges

Symptoms and signs of allergic reaction

The diagnosis of allergic manifestations


Treatment folk methods

Orangeis one of fruits of the genus citrus, they love to feast on both adults and children, because they are delicious and contain many useful vitamins. Unfortunately, not always these fruits have use. Very often, due to the use of oranges, it happens to be such a bad thing. Magicforum decided to find out what to do if you have difficulty Allergy symptoms, how to deal with them and that could cause symptoms such reactions to citrus.

Causes of allergies to oranges

What is an Allergy to citrus? Allergy occurs when the human body can not perceive some substance. Due to the huge number of fruit acids and pigments are not even allergies could get rashes. The immune system reacts to the production of antibodies of group E, which provoke the release of histamine. The reasons inciting the disease very much. Not always with accuracy, you can say why a completely healthy person had an Allergy on citrus. This can happen at any time of life, even if earlier the person was not allergic to fruit.

Clear orange is one of the major allergens, however, there are a number of other factors negatively affecting its use.

• A genetic disease. When Allergy is the parents, then there is a risk that it will be passed on to their children. Allergic reactions happen at an early age of the baby.

• Toxins. Due to emissions in environment of polluting substances, the human body is weakened.

• Chemical drugs. To do so, the kind of fruit they are treated with different drugs that are not good for digestion. So the Allergy may not occur on citrus, and pesticides, which fed the trees and plucked fruits (definer, pugnacity, methyl bromide, sulfur dioxide).

• Autoimmune disease. The liver and stomach, pancreas and gall bladder – a list of bodies that provoke intolerance of the body.

• Cross-Allergy. Can only occur for a certain substance that is composed of oranges and also, for example, the pollen of flowers.The symptoms overlap each other, the answer can sometimes be an allergic reaction.

•Lack of enzymes. Enzymes take part in digestion, when they are deficiency the body can not cope, no time to absorb the substance.

• Children up to three years. Pediatricians suggest to be careful with citrus at this age because children’s immune system cannot always cope with the stimuli and very often the body throws out the reaction.

• Consumption of oranges during pregnancy. This period is best consumed in small amounts or for some time to refrain from these sweets. A large amount of these products enters the mother’s body, as a result, the child may be born with large allergic tendency.

• Excessive and frequent use of oranges in the food.

Symptoms and signs of allergic reaction

Allergic to orangesmanifested in different ways, but common is:

?Violation of the digestive system. There is pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, bloating, severe belching, diarrhea.

?Damage to the skin. Burning certain areas of the skin and itching occur most often in children. Redness, swelling, hives exhaust the body.

?Effects on the respiratory system. Essential oils, which give the orange flavor cause a dry cough, sometimes even asthma.

?Suffer mucous organs (eyes, nose).

?From the cardiovascular system sometimes dizziness, drop in blood pressure. Can swell the face and limbs. Symptom is dangerous because there is a risk of anaphylactic shock, and angioedema. This cannot be pulled, as it can be life threatening.

The diagnosis of allergic manifestations

If you have symptoms of allergies, you first need to identify its cause. It is better to consult a doctor allergist, who will find the cause and allergen. The most precise determination of the allergen is a venous blood test and a skin test. According to studies, refute or confirm a diagnosis.


To get rid of allergiescompletely is impossible. You can ease its symptoms or avoid stimuli. You need to eat right and perform physical therapy. The doctors prescribed primarily antihistamines (loratadine, Levocetirizine), which block the release and activity of histamine.

If skin reactions are assigned to special creams and gels (Fenistil-gel, Bepanthen, Akriderm). Running and severe cases are treated with hormones. One of the most effective ways is immunotherapy. The body produces antibodies and removes the allergen. Extracorporeal haemocorrection is the latest method of treatment of Allergy. With his help, change the composition of the blood, removing from it the cause of allergic reactions.

Treatment folk methods

In the treatment effective and popular methods.

Magicforum find out what methods there are in order to beat allergies with traditional methods without the use of drugs. There are different methods to find their needs individually, but use with caution, because the reaction in each case can be different and can also be side effects that are difficult to predict.

Honey and other bee products is one way to treat allergies. But this need to be careful, it also is non-allergenic product.

Herbal infusions: nettle, St. John’s wort, marjoram, hops, birch buds, peppermint (1 tbsp pour 1 tbsp of boiling water). Drink before meals 4-5 times a day.

Shilajit. Use various types of allergies. 1 g of the mummy dissolved in 1 liter of cold water to drink in the morning with milk. A solution of higher concentration, you can RUB the affected skin rash (1 g and 100 ml of water).

To avoid unpleasant allergic reactions to citrus fruits, it is better to limit their use, and if the chronic stage, and to exclude them from the diet. Necessary for the body vitamin C can be obtained from other fruits and vegetables.

Previously, scientists have shown that rich people are more likely to suffer allergies.