New pill can extend the lives of more than 100 years

According to forecasts, use of these drugs allows to increase the length of human life until about 150 years. The developers of “pills of longevity” – scientists from the University of South Wales (Australia).

If to speak in General terms, created by Australian experts, the drug promotes regeneration of internal organs. This effect and provides the body a longer life.

That the miracle pill works exactly the researchers found in the experiment on laboratory rodents. After taking the drug is physiologically Mature individuals returned to the state of young mice. The effect of rejuvenation was reflected not only on the state of internal organs, but the appearance of rodents: their fur became softer and gained a more saturated color.

One of the researchers of the project said that took a chance and also took a pill. The effect of the drug was impressive. In their biological parameters, the age of the scientist declined by 24 years. After that, the pill took 79-year-old father of the test, and his body also began to operate as if he were twenty years younger.

Now the drug will withstand formal testing on humans. This will happen within 2 years.

Earlier Magicforum wrote that to achieve the effect of improving health, reducing weight and increasing life expectancy allows a certain diet.