The main cause of death among Russian men

Scientists were able to figure out what is the main cause of death among male population of Russia.According to researchers, the leading factor of low life expectancy in men, the Russians (as well as men in Belarus, Ukraine, Latvia and other republics of the former USSR) excessive drinking of alcoholic beverages.

As told by the authors of the study, experts from the HSE and Institute of health Organization and medical management for a long time it was believed that the standard of living in the country can accurately determine the GDP per capita. Where it is higher, people live longer.

However, in some Eastern European and Central Asian republics, this principle does not work. For example, in Kazakhstan in 2015, GDP per capita exceeded twice the GDP of Albania, but the life expectancy for men-Albanians accounted for more than 76 years, while Kazakhstan – only 67.5 years.

Scientists said that of all the factors lowering the life expectancy of men-the Europeans, the most significant one and is addicted to hard alcohol.

“The impact of the abuse of strong alcohol at the age at which people are likely to die, were stronger than healthy food, unemployment, and financial health. The more the country drink brandy, vodka, liqueurs, balsams and the like, the less there are living men. In Russia and in neighboring countries, vodka consumption is associated with a specific and identifiable set of diseases, which is very rare in the inhabitants of the Balkans or Western Europe,” the researchers noted.
As for beer and wine, these drinks according to scientific experts can not be called satellites of long life, but their effect on the health of men is not so much in comparison with strong alcohol.

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