Why Russia is rapidly dying men

The life expectancy for men in Russia is one of the lowest in the European region, a strong gender EN masse is not up to 70 years and in a large number of dies in “the juice” in the working age group. The main enemy of the Russian man in the Ministry of health consider alcohol.

As stated by the Deputy Minister of health of Russia Oleg Salagay, scientific studies confirm “very high” Association between the mortality of men of working age and alcohol consumption. Prior to this, the authoritative medical journal Lancet published an article that said that Russia has the world’s largest gap between life expectancy of men and women and also stressed: in such gender bias is affected by the high mortality of Russian men, the associated with alcohol.

Oleg Salagay also noted the link between alcoholism among the male population and mortality in the country, added that there are other “underlying risk factors”, that have traditionally affected men.”

“Here and tobacco consumption, and physical inactivity, and poor nutrition,” he called predstavitelstva the main factors reducing the life expectancy of men in the country.
Recall Magicforum it became known that in the framework of the fight against alcoholism in Russia want to ban the sale of alcohol in grocery stores – it will be a special remote from residential areas supermarkets.