The Russians were more likely to die from cancer

Rosstat brought data on the main causes of mortality in Russia. According to these reports, our compatriots were less likely to mow the deadly pathology of blood vessels of the heart, but it started to kill cancer.

In particular, Rosstat has informed that in the first half of 2018 from circulatory diseases died 444,3 thousand people is the largest figure in the statistics of factors of mortality in the country. But in comparison with the same period last year, the number of cardiovascular deaths decreased slightly (six months in 2017 for this reason died 447,2 thousand people).

Also this year there is a decrease in the number of deaths from suicide and homicide. For the six months of this year, died of 9.5 thousand suicide is against 10.4 million last year. Killed in 2018 steel 4,1 thousand people, as compared to 4.7 thousand people in 2017.

As for the cancer, during the first half of this year, it claimed the lives of 147.2 thousand people, whereas last year for the first half of malignant tumors died 143,5 thousand Russians.
In total in Russia for the first half died nearly a million people – 946,9 thousand. Mortality from external causes decreased by 400 people and was made this year to 66.5 thousand people. In accidents killed 8 thousand people, from alcohol poisoning – 3,2 thousand.

Thus for the first half of the year in Russia were born 782,8 thousand children.

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