Increased mortality from cancer was observed in the third region, Russia

Russian popular front (onf) and the Fund “Health” has analyzed the data of the Ministry of health on the incidence and detection of cancer in 2016-2017. The analysis showed that in 30 of the 85 Russian regions over the past year increased the mortality from cancer, reported by RBC.

An old problem of Russian medicine -too late detection of cancer. Overall, in 2017 the ratio of malignant tumors, who were diagnosed by doctors in the early and late stages, amounted to 55.6 to 39%. In 2017, as follows from the data of the study. 22.5% of patients died within a year from the time of detection of the disease. This figure is estimated by experts as very critical.

“The worst thing with cancer mortality in the Magadan region, where the increase in cancer mortality was 7.7% and in Dagestan (7,2%), Bashkortostan (6.9 per cent), Kalmykia (6.8%) and Sevastopol (6,5%),” – said the researchers.
Scientists say that in Russia there is no system for fighting cancer mortality. The reality is that only possible to get on reception to the oncologist, patients have to wait sometimes even more than one month. After this long time spent on examinations and tests. Thus the disease gets carte Blanche for the smooth development and transition to a state, to which treatment is powerless.

In 57 Russian regions the case-fatality rate of patients during the year after cancer detection is above average, experts say. The leaders of this regional list of Chukotka Autonomous Okrug, Yakutia, Khakassia, Jewish Autonomous oblast, and Tula oblast.

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