The Ministry of health has identified the three most effective principle of longevity

Leading experts of the Russian Ministry of health has determined three key principles of longevity, which they suggest to stick to anyone who wants to live as long as possible. Experts emphasize that the impact of these factors gives the desired effect only when they are together.

In particular, the chief geriatrician of the Ministry of health Olga Tkacheva postulated that the three main rules for a long life of people are proper diet, physical activity and social activity. In an interview with RT Tkachev said that aging starts primarily with the aging of the muscles.

“Only physical activity will help keep muscle strength and mass, and thus to prolong youth”, – said the representative of the Ministry of health.
It is also important, added Olga Tkacheva, stick to a balanced diet with enough vegetables and fruits. The third principle geriatrician called social activity, pointing to the connection demand of the man with the span of his life.

“The duration of life only in genetics, determined by genetics and lifestyle,” the expert emphasized the importance of healthy living.
In addition to the above, health and longevity contribute to the opportunity to sleep, control blood pressure and cholesterol, quitting bad habits, added the specialist of the Ministry of health.

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