Way to extend the length of life through food

The journal ScienceDaily reported that scientists from the Salk Institute (USA) have been formulated algorithm to correct the violation associated with the diurnal cycle of the deviation of the metabolism and thus to achieve significant improvements health.

In particular the researchers said: if you limit the food for the whole day only 10-hour interval, you can set your body for a longer existence. They believe that eating should be consistent with the natural circadian rhythms of the person, and a violation of this policy will lead to the emergence of various diseases and problems with weight.

Circadian rhythms is the cyclic changes in biological processes of the body associated with the change of day and night. Experts have put the experiment on mice, which were deactivated genes responsible for sensitivity to circadian rhythms. One group of animals they fed around the clock, and only within 10 hours, while the caloric intake of rodents was the same.

The result was the following: animals of the first group began to show signs of obesity and metabolic disorders, whereas the second remained healthy. In summary, the researchers stated that the restriction on eating 10-hour period per day can lead to better health regardless of the balance of the biological clock.

“Whole food for 10 hours can compensate for metabolic disorders associated with impaired diurnal cycle. Correction of their way of life in this direction helps to prevent the development of age-related diseases and prolong life”, noted scientific experts.
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