Man can operate a little later, he loses his Penis

Andrew Lane, from Essex, suffered from prostate cancer. Therefore, he had to undergo a surgery. A little later he lost his Penis. Less than four inches are left over and have Sex he can never have again. Even if he now has a six-digit compensation paid out, is Andrew completely at the end.

Due to a prostate cancer diagnosis, Andrew had to be in the March 2013 surgery. The Operation was successful and the Tumor could be removed, such as “Dailymail” reported. During the procedure, Andrews intestine was punctured inadvertently. As a result, he was diagnosed with a necrotizing fasciitis. In the process, the skin and the fascia is infected by bacteria. The tissue dies and the infection can Affected fatal, if not treated in a timely manner.

He is in constant pain

For Andrew, the help came relatively late, only after six days, the Doctors discovered their mistake. Andrews Penis was already saved and it is scarce four inches of it remained merely left, The Rest had to be removed.

But not only is his member was affected, but also to tissue in his abdomen was infected and had to be removed. “Because I have no muscle tissue more, my bowels just shut down and I look like I’m nine months pregnant,” said the Englishman to the “Dailymail”. In addition, he would suffer from constant pain.

“I’m going to get my health never back”

The clinic was her doctors fault and paid for Andrew, as the case was finished in July of this year, a six-figure compensation sum. But the money does not help the 63-Year-old really. “I was compensated, but I’m going to get my health never returned,” said the Englishman. “You have admitted your mistake, but an apology I will never get to hear. To know that a few days would have earlier prevented a Scan everything, is difficult to accept.“

His life today is quite different than in the past. “My wife Sue and I have been together for 18 years and enjoyed the life of a healthy sex,” he told Andrew the news portal. So it was a blow over. “The desire is still there, but the little that is left, does not work any more,” said Andrew.

Nevertheless, the two were married shortly after his discharge from the hospital. He knows that his wife loves him just as much. But he himself does not. Because he no longer feels as a man. Previously, he was athletic and proud of his body. “Now I can’t bear to look in the mirror,” admitted Andrew. To his impotence also incontinence, which brought everything together, that Andrew developed a Depression.