Sterile can cause child cancer

Scientists have discovered a new danger of the child in the conditions of sterile cleanliness. This can lead to the development of cancer of the blood.

The threat emerged after analysis by the researchers of the results of scientific observations conducted with the 90-ies of the last century. Blood cancer in children occurs under the influence of two factors, one of which is mutation of genes. Cancer starts in certain types of infections. This is the case careful protection of the parents of the child in its first 12 months of life from microbes. For this reason, the immunity of the baby can not learn to protect the body.

According to Professor Mel graves, a member of the Institute of cancer research, the greatest risk of infection are children with genetic mutations, immune system where parents provide sterile cleanliness is not prepared to face the pathogens.

According to the observations of scientists, in children under one year, does not happen in public places and contact with peers are more likely to develop leukemia. This conclusion was tested on laboratory animals. Experimental mice were divided into two groups, one of which provided a sterile environment. Most of these rodents died from blood cancer. Mel graves has described this picture as “the paradox of progress.”

Childhood leukemia is a form of cancer of the blood, often affecting children under 4 years of age. Pathology is developing rapidly and within one month from the blood, where it originated, goes to other organs, primarily the lymph nodes, liver and nervous system. The main method to cure this form of leukemia is practiced chemotherapy.