Regular tennis classes can extend human life up to 10 years

Regular tennis classes can extend human life up to 10 years. The results of the study were published in Western scientific medical journal.

For many decades, we know that sport improves the health and quality of life, and also affects longevity. The positive impact of sport on health, scientists have proved a long time ago, now they decided to find out what type of sport affects the life expectancy of people. Were conducted large-scale surveillance. For participation in the experiment were involved in about 8,000 human volunteers. According to the obtained results, it is a sport like tennis can increase human life up to 10 years. According to the observations, athletes, engaged in badminton, we live 6 years longer than people who do not lead an active way of life and not involved in sports. For example, the same players are able to live 5 years longer.

Scientific staff for Medicforma explained the findings of their scientific observations, people involved in tennis, live longer and just because they increased physical activity, but also because of the social aspect inherent to it. Scientists say that in a team game requires communication and mutual support. These two measures have an impact on the duration of human life, that is, athletes and tennis players can live 10 years longer. In General, scientists say that any sport can have a positive influence on the body, is able to extend human life.