3 “classic” disease of the off-season

In the period when the summer is over, but really cold weather has not come yet, we fall for the off-season typical of the disease. Doctors said about three of them.

One of the characteristic problems with health in this time of year is joint pain. Doctors confirmed that my joints really start to ache and hurt when the weather is from September to deteriorate due to cyclones and rains. According to them, in such weather, falling barometric pressure. This law of physics the pressure increases inside the joint capsule – the capsule that covers the joint. The increase of pressure leads to its stretching, and the result is pain.

At such moments, the physicians are advised to use the ointment or cream with analgetic substance. You can also take a pill of paracetamol.

Another “classic” disease of the off – season depression. Many’s the time complain about the lack of energy and apathy. That we have a bad mood, blame the shortening of daylight hours and cloudy weather. Due to lack of sunlight the body can not control the production of melatonin – the sleep hormone, which should be “extinguished” serotonin, which is produced is of little use.

For the replenishment of serotonin need to exercise and eat more foods with rough fiber. Over half of all the content of serotonin in the body that is responsible the intestines, or rather, his healthy microflora.

Also with the beginning of fall, many complain of stomach problems. Scientists explain this dependence: in the autumn of reduced immunity, which makes it possible to more actively reproduce bacteria, including Helicobacter pylori, can cause stomach ulcers.

Compounding the problem is that people are starting to take medicines that are damaging to the gastric mucosa. When stomach pain is better not to self-treat, and to go to the doctor.

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