A new sign of impending death

The specialists of the University of Toulouse in France, found that premature appearance of wrinkles on the forehead may indicate a high risk of death from cardiovascular disease. About it reported in a press release on MedicalXpress.

In long-term study, which lasted 20 years, took part 3.2 thousand healthy adults, whose age has reached 32-62 years. The volunteers were ranked according to the number of wrinkles on the forehead. While those who have wrinkles was not zero, and with a strong them of the severity of three points.

For all time of observations 233 people died from various causes. Of that number, 15.2% had two or more forehead wrinkles, 6.6 per cent — only one, and 2.1 percent did not have them at all. The number of wrinkles was due to the probability of developing cardiovascular disease. Thus, taking into account age, gender and lifestyle of the people who received the highest score, the risk of death due to disorders of the heart and stroke was 10 times higher than the volunteers with the lowest rating.