Coffee is not only a delicious drink but also good for the body

Coffee is not only tasty drink. It is also concentration of nutrients. Magicforum decided to find out what the benefits of coffee for health.

Coffee from Parkinson’s

One of the causes of Parkinson’s disease – lack of dopamine in the brain. Dopamine is a biologically active substance that passes electrochemical impulse in the neurons and muscle cells. Simply put, Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative brain disease that causes tremors, loss of coordination, difficulties in walking and movement. Judging by the results of the studies, the risk of disease is reduced by 25% if the body gets the right amount of caffeine, because coffee stimulates the neurons. Various scientific experiments have shed light on a startling fact: people who drink on average three cups of coffee per day more mobile than those who do not drink coffee.

Coffee – a protection against diabetes

According to a large-scale study, which covered more than 450 thousand people, a daily Cup of coffee can reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by an average of 7%.

The number of our contemporaries, suffering from diabetes, is growing rapidly. The level of insulin increases during meals. And constant power control is an important factor for reducing the further development of diabetes. Patients with diabetes have to constantly monitor this. A study of two groups of people: those who drink coffee, who avoids him. It turned out that the risk of diabetes of the 2nd type in the first group is significantly lower because coffee helps to block amyloid peptides, which contribute to the development of the disease.

Lose weight with coffee

According to some studies, 100 mg of caffeine can speed up the metabolism process, body fat is burned faster. The higher the rate of metabolism, the faster you can achieve the cherished goal of weight loss. Of course, there are many factors that, along with the coffee, affect the rate of lipolysis, e.g., in young is higher. In obese people the rate of metabolism increases by 10%, thin by 29%.

Reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Dementia of Alzheimer’s type – a disease in which affects memory and other brain functions. The caffeine in coffee, inhibits inflammation in the brain. It was found that elderly people over 65 years who have caffeine content in the blood was high, avoiding Alzheimer’s disease or its onset delayed.
Tau-proteins, i.e. incorrectly folded proteins, are closely associated with dementia. Caffeine stimulates the production of an enzyme that, in turn, inhibit the processes associated with the formation of Tau. The study showed that people who potrebuje 200 mg of caffeine before the test to check the memory, coped with the task perfectly. Therefore, it is possible to boost the memory with coffee.

Coffee will delight the reproductive system

Prostate cancer begins when cells of the prostate begin to grow uncontrollably. Prostate – this gland that is only found in the body of men. It produces seminal fluid part of semen. Judging by the results of the studies, men who drink at least six cups of coffee per day, the risk of prostate cancer reduced by 20%. The risk of cancer of the uterine endometrium (inner lining of the uterus) 25% less in women who drink four cups of coffee a day. Endometrial cancer ranks fourth among the most common types of cancer in women. Therefore, coffee is an excellent beverage giving the rich advantages.

Reduces the risk of heart attack

Heart attack is a sudden blocking of blood circulation in the heart muscle. Be careful, excessive consumption of coffee just increases the frequency of heart attacks. However, a moderate amount (1-3 cups per day) has the opposite effect, the risk of attack is reduced. Particularly well this protective effect occurs in women. A study published in the journal Circulation Heart Failure showed that among moderate coffee connoisseurs heart failure occurs in 11% less.

Minimizes the risk of cirrhosis of the liver

Cirrhosis is a chronic injury caused by various reasons, leading to the appearance of scarring and liver failure. Numerous studies have confirmed that a Cup of coffee a day is associated with decreased risk of liver cirrhosis. In addition, coffee can improve the body’s response to some treatments for hepatitis C.
Unfiltered coffee (e.g., coffee in Turkish), in addition to caffeine contains substances such as cafestol and kahweol that are good for the liver.

Lowers the risk of stroke

A stroke happens when is stopped the supply of blood to part of the brain. It has been proven that coffee is affected in two ways. On the one hand, regular consumption, at least 1 Cup a day reduces the risk of stroke by 20% compared to those who do not drink coffee at all; on the other – the attack may occur immediately after the coffee, especially in people who drink it regularly. It is highly recommended to consult with your doctor first to acquire the habit of coffee.

Alternatives to harmful painkillers

Most of us experience headaches, tension, back pain and the like. You have to take painkillers to reduce the pain. The effect of single intake of coffee and pills, such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen are exactly the same. A recent study showed that patients taking pills with caffeine, 5-10% more likely to report significant reduction in pain.
Some researchers watched people performing office work, those who drank coffee said they feel moderate pain, while subjects who did not drink coffee, said that strong.

Benefits for the skin

Coffee stimulates blood circulation, effectively reduces swelling and skin peeling. The study showed that coffee drinkers are much less likely to be basal cell carcinoma. Coffee has a diuretic effect, helping to rid the body of excess moisture and toxins, which in turn improves the skin’s appearance. The antioxidants in coffee help to repair skin after sun burn. So, use of coffee for skin obvious.

Previously, scientists have proven that coffee without sugar can be useless.