How to make face cream with their hands

Face cream made with your own hands, it is not only good for skin but also great fun. From the article, you will learn some useful recipes how to make natural face cream. And now with his own hands, at home from natural ingredients you can always make a cream that will help you make the skin beautiful and soft. Magicforum figured out how to make cream from natural ingredients.

How to make face cream with their hands

Realizing that skin have something to do we start to look for ways to make the skin more young and elastic. Today for Facials selling a lot of affordable cosmetics. Which can solve many problems. However, they are in the vast majority contain chemical preservatives that the skin at best useless, and often harmful.

But there is a great way to solve the problem at home — prepare the cream for the face with your hands. You can do it easily using natural products. If you add vitamins to the cream, if not with his own hands for skin can be prepared the life-giving elixir.

All the cream recipes, which are collected in this article, contain only natural ingredients. You should always have on hand at any moment at home you can cook the cream. Cooking instructions read more…

Recipe #1 is Used for the face as moisturizer


One Cup of olive oil

1/3 Cup Shea butter

5 drops of essential oil of sage

3 drops peppermint oil

1/3 Cup pure, filtered or spring water

Method of cooking cream at home

Shea butter has a thick consistency, so before use it must melt. To make it better on the “water bath” or in a double boiler. To do this, pour into a small saucepan with a little water and put on fire. Olive oil and Shea butter into the bowl smaller than the pot, and place on top. So that the bottom is not touching the water. On the ferry you can melt the butter and mix it with olive.

Once the mixture is ready, remove the bowl from the pan and add peppermint oil and sage oil. To mix the ingredients properly you can use a hand mixer. In the process of mixing gradually add filtered or spring water. Stir the mixture until then, until it becomes lush. Put the resulting cream in an airtight container and store in a cool place.

Recipe #2 Doing in the summer and use as after sun


One unpeeled cucumber

60 gr. of sweet almond oil

30 gr. white paraffin

Method of preparation of the cream:

Cut the cucumber into small pieces and place in blender. Make uniform the cucumber puree. Separate the pulp from the juice. This can be done by straining the puree through cheesecloth. Melt the paraffin in a water bath, following the same sequence as described in the previous recipe.

Once the wax is melted, add almond oil and gently stir, connect it with paraffin. Then pour the strained cucumber juice and again mix the ingredients. So the wax does not form crystals, cover a bowl with a lid. Disable the fire, let the mixture gradually cools down. As it cools down, the cream should be stirred up periodically.

To make and store this cream in the past two months in an airtight container. The gentle, sun-damaged skin produces an amazing softening effect.

Recipe #3 is Used for dry skin as a nourishing cream at night


1/2 Cup cocoa butter

2.5 cm fresh ginger root

2 tsp oil of vitamin E

2 tsp of apricot kernel oil

2 tsp sesame oil

Method of preparation:

Make of ginger extract fresh juice. Fresh ginger root must be crushed, and then squeeze the juice into a small bowl. Add in the juice of the cocoa butter and put on fire. When heated from time to time to stir mixture. Once the mixture is homogeneous, remove from the heat, add the remaining ingredients and mix well. Store the cream in a glass jar.

Recipe #4-wrinkle Cream


One tablespoon of raspberry

One tablespoon of strawberries

One tablespoon of dried apricots

1.5 cups whole milk

One teaspoon of peanut butter (it is better to take butter pecan)

Method of preparation:

Prepare a coarse thick paste by rubbing raspberries, strawberries and chopped dried apricots. Add the pasta, milk, and butter pecan. Now, put the bowl on medium heat and stirring constantly cook until thick and creamy. Remove from heat and let the cream cool down.

This cream, prepared with his own hands works wonders. It perfectly rejuvenates the skin, eliminating wrinkles and many signs of aging. Use it as a rejuvenator.

Recipe #5 Rejuvenating cream mask


One avocado

One small carrot

One egg

1/2 Cup cream

3 tbsp. honey

Method of preparation:

Boil the carrots and mash. Add the carrots avocado and mash again. Egg whisk and pour into the mashed carrot and avocado. Add the honey and cream. All mix thoroughly and whisk so that the mixture became thick and smooth. Use the cream as a face mask.

The cream contains all the substances necessary for skin rejuvenation. Avocados are a rich source of vitamin E, which in combination with beta-carotene, present in carrots are an excellent antioxidant. Protein rich in calcium and components provide nutrition to the skin. The mask improves the tone and texture of the skin.

Try to do at least one of these creams for your face. Use them every day and you will notice how your face pohorosheet and become more fresh. Advantage of these natural remedies is the fact that none of them will not cause you side effects. Only important that the product that you were not allergies. Test the cream first on a small area of skin, and then, if reaction is not, you can use it on my face.

The specialists told how to do it yourself facial massage.