Lose weight with water: the Japanese water therapy works

It is perhaps the simplest of slimming diet in the world: to drink A quarter liter of water on an empty stomach, it causes in the body a whole series of positive effects. The advantage of Ayurveda and the Japanese water therapy. What is happening, and what kind of water is best for drinking.

After getting Up, do not drink coffee or tea, but best of all a large glass of water in small SIPS – this small action can have a big effect on health. Because of water on an empty stomach improves Regeneration and cleaning operations, the the body every night is automatic. Because at night, the liver is strengthened. This means:

  • The night dissolved toxins will be flushed out of the body.
  • The metabolism is activated. The body consumes more energy and not keep them unused in the fat deposits.
  • The glass of water mobilized the intestine. Those who drink regularly in the morning, a glass of water, brings up his bowels, to have shortly after Drinking bowel movement. This prevents constipation and helps with weight loss.
  • The cell structure is supported platelets and muscle cells benefit through the liquid.
  • Water on an empty stomach protects you from heartburn. This is because the fluid dilutes the stomach acid. Tap water has value, depending on origin and source, mostly a neutral to slightly alkaline pH and neutralized the acid, so that in a gentle way.
  • In addition, the water fills the stomach, does not, therefore, immediately with Hunger. The Breakfast is designed to automatically smaller than usual.

The right water for the drinking cure

However, it is not no matter which water you drink. Sparkling water is unsuitable. Carbonic acid can irritate the empty stomach and heartburn trigger.

Better tap water, still mineral water or medicinal water with a high content of hydrogen carbonate. It is a strong Base that neutralizes acid.

The water should not be ice cold but room warm, and you should drink in small SIPS a quarter of a litre. Best offer on BestCheck.de

In the morning, drink water – Japanese water therapy and Ayurveda

The tip to drink water on an empty stomach, in many countries, by the way, is a common morning ritual in India. Ayurveda recommends that you drink in the morning with warm water. In Japan, there are precise rules for the drinking cure, which were drawn up by the Japan Medical Association (JMA), and in studies have tested.

The Japanese water therapy works like this:

Conclusion: in the Morning drink water you should make to your daily habit. It can remain to help slim or even the year expected to lose up to five kilograms. Studies of the JMA have even shown that balneotherapy can reduce after one month to control high blood pressure mildly, elevated blood sugar values is something normalize, as well as inflammation of the stomach mucosa to heal.

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