A tool that saves you from repeated heart attack and stroke

To reduce the risk of secondary heart attack or stroke, you can use the antioxidant apocynin, a discovery scientists said the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. The authors of the study, which showed that the staff of the School of medicine of the University of Oregon.

The researchers attribute the occurrence of a second heart attack or stroke the accumulation in the arteries of inflammatory cells and platelets adhering to the inner lining of the blood vessels. Sticky cells and platelets was detected by the experts during the experiments with mice in which they used a specially designed unique forms of ultrasound imaging. These cells, easily adhering to the inner surface of arterial walls, forming blood clots that provoke a new heart or brain strokes.

But the scientists also were able to establish that the treatment of mice already had a heart attack or stroke, the powerful antioxidant apocynin, seriously increased their protection from repeated attacks. It turned out that this substance reduces by half the intensity of the process of plaque formation and reduces inflammation.

“The knowledge that more new forms of antioxidants, such apocynin may reduce the risk of secondary heart attack or stroke, give us the opportunity to explore new treatments to reduce them”, – said on this occasion, the lead author of the project, Professor of cardiovascular medicineJonathan R. Lindner.
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