Tutorial: how to grow a beard

Keep up with trends: follow our tips and you will become the most brutal and fashionable in the district.

1. Please be patient

The first month is the hardest. The beard will grow unevenly, and the skin will begin to itch. Yes, and you will be more mad than fashionable. Nothing can be done: at this point just put and see what happened.

Hair everywhere in the industry a lot? Is: can make them anything you want. Remains smooth bald spots on the cheeks. Well, I have to confine hair on the chin and around the mouth. Well, if there are bad things, there are two options: stubble or mustache.

We can restrict such a rapid test on brodacast, but it is better to go to the Barber. He will offer all the options and advise the one best suited to your face.

2. Make a neater beard

Once you “gain weight” and decide on the form, you can pick up small scissors. Don’t overdo it: for hair restoration will take time. Align the beard a little and make sure you use a small straight comb (brush your lady’s heart does not fit, keep in mind).

There is one universal rule that should be followed regardless of the type of beard: no hair on the neck. 2-3 inch above the Adam’s Apple should be free from vegetation, if you do not want to get free soup from the social services.

You can buy a trimmer with different attachments. But the first time be careful: it’s very easy to shave off something that is so so hard to acrasiales. If you are not sure of the hardness of your hand, better leave it to skilled male hairdresser.

3. Care for her

Unpleasant surprise: beard perfectly absorbs odors. If you don’t want to you’ve been haunted by the smell of the garlic sauce, it needs to be washed and put special wax with flavors. Every day.

Wash your regular shampoo or a special beard. But about the soap is better to forget: the skin of the face will become dry and will start to peel off. To put the beard, apply a wax and pre-heat Hairdryer: medium hardens, the hair will keep the desired shape.

And even “fresh” the beard may itch because of ingrown hairs. This problem is solved with the help of special cosmetics.

4. If beard is not growing…

If a guy 20-22 years face there was no hair, it is likely to require treatment from an endocrinologist.

If hormone levels are normal, but to nice beard hair is not enough, then it is genetics. This will only radical methods in the form of hair transplant – no home remedies and cosmetics will not make goat’s beard a lion’s mane.

And what if the beard well, you don’t need it, but to shave every day do not want? In this case, you should think about laser hair removal.