Expert Reveals How To Improve Your Dating App Chat

Stuck in a cycle of mundane dating app chats? Ready to scream if you get one more “How’s your day been?” Claire Certain, dating expert at happn, shares her tips for getting smokin’ hot Dan, 28, hooked in a convo.

1. “Act fast. Start up a conversation as soon as you connect on an app,” Certain says. Yep don’t let that match sit there for 3.5 weeks. If you play hard to get, you’ll just disappear in the endless list of Bridget and Belindas.

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2. “Send a message, any message,” she says. “People spend a lot of time trying to come up with the perfect one-liner, or worse, they use the same tried and tested line on everyone they connect with. This comes off as exactly what it is – a line.” 

3. “Talk about anything but the obvious. When initiating contact with someone, don’t resort to the easy conversation starter,” Certain says. “Instead, personalise your message. Eg, if there’s a guy on a motorcycle in one of his pics, start with ‘Nice bike!’ This will create a natural chat instead of just ‘What’s up?’” 

Essentially, be a dating detective – pick up on the clues in their profile to spark a more captivating convo. Unless, of course, they’ve just got a few grainy photos and a beer emoji as a description – boy, bye.

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