According to Your Zodiac Sign This Is Your Biggest Sex Struggle

In the words of Paris Hilton, the stars are blind. But that doesn’t mean they can’t eff with your sex life.

Though we’re all sexual snowflakes, unique in our own way, the characteristics of our zodiac signs can interfere with a spectacular sack sesh, says New York City astrologer Annabel Gat.

Find out what your zodiac sign’s biggest erotic hang-up is and how to overcome it.


Impulsive and impatient Aries move a mile a minute—in and out of bed, says Gat. Translation: Scorching quickies are your claim to fame. But while a speedy roll in the hay can be exhilarating, don’t forget that there are advantages to taking your time. “Although a lot of Aries yearn for slower sex, they feel pressure to hurry things along,” she says. “And then it’s over before they know it.”

Your move: Remind yourself not to rush through foreplay, savouring every step of it. You can also take mini breaks during the action to make out for a few minutes or treat each other to oral. Try playing a game to see who can last the longest before reaching finish line.


Although this sign is known for being stubborn, rigidity between the sheets isn’t your problem. “Tauruses are open to experimenting with sex moves but are inflexible about trying new kinds of people in bed,” says Gat. “If you break out of your comfort zone, you might be pleasantly surprised.”

Your move: So if you’re single, swipe right on Tinder to give it a go with a redhead for once. Go to a different kind of bar or give a guy friend who’s not your type a shot, says Gat. Who knows? It might get you hotter than you dreamed possible.


First, the good stuff: Chatty Geminis are the queens of sexting and dirty talk, says Gat. But the flipside of your verbal nature is that it’s hard for you to get out of your head and surrender to the moment. And that’s a must if you want to optimize your pleasure.

Your move: The key is to get in touch with your physical side before hitting the sheets. “Massages will help you feel more sensual,” says Gat. You could also try hopping in a warm bath or shower (either with your partner or solo), and focus on the sensation of your hands massaging shampoo into your scalp and lathering soap over your skin. The more you can hone in on how things feel, the better your chances of turning off your brain.


Do you hang on to mementos from high school and Facebook-stalk former boyfriends? That’s classic Cancer. “Cancers are very nostalgic and tend to live in the past,” says Gat. “As a result, they might miss old lovers.” It’s kinda hard to have hot sex with your main squeeze if you’re still obsessing over your ex.

Aside from granting yourself ample time to process a breakup (nix there bounds), it also helps to get super in-sync with your current partner. Make eye contact during sex, breathe in tandem, and try ultra intimate positions, like spooning sex or sitting on his lap.


Who would have guessed that Leos—born exhibitionists who crave the spotlight—also tend to feel insecurity about stripping down? “The Lion can start off being a little cowardly in bed,” says Gat. And if you aren’t feeling confident about your bod or seduction skills, you won’t enjoy yourself as much.

Your move: In order to feel at ease during sex, you need a dude who treats you like a goddess. Sounds good, but how can you encourage your man to worship the ground you walk on? First off, don’t hesitate to tell him everything you love about him. It’ll make him more likely to reciprocate. And every time he doles out a compliment, be sure to let him know how much you appreciate it. He should get the picture. And if he doesn’t, cut him loose. Find a guy who’s as generous with his praise as you are.


You may be dubbed the Virgin of the Zodiac, but that’s the biggest misnomer ever. Virgos have zero problem getting in touch with their lusty side. “You’re an earth sign, which represents sensuality, touch, and the physical body,” says Gat.

Communication is actually where you get tripped up. “Virgos want to micromanage andchoreograph sex,” she says. “It can end up feeling like a chore.” Instead of going with the flow, your anal side can compel you to keep track of who got more oral or which person should be on top this time.

Your move: Harness your desire to keep a sexual score card by turning nooky into a game. “Try role playing or buy a pair of sex dice,” says Gat. “There’s a format, so you’ll know who’s supposed to be doing what. It feels playful instead of tedious.”


As the sign of partnership, Libras care deeply about their bae’s wellbeing. “They’re incredibly giving in relationships,” says Gat. The problem? They might put too much emphasis on the other person’s satisfaction between the sheets, at the expense of their own enjoyment.

Your move: To avoid shortchanging yourself in the orgasm department, show him what you need to get all hot and bothered, or simply reach down and give yourself a hand mid-booty. If you feel awkward requesting extra lovin’, remember that many guys want to please their significant other. So you’re actually doing him a favour by guiding him to your O zone.


Scorpions are the hottest sign in the zodiac. You have zero inhibitions and are down to try just about any XXX move. “Because you tend to get intensely attached quickly, it’s important to make sure you’re protecting yourself emotionally,” says Gat. Otherwise, you could suffer from hookup hangovers.

Your move: “Take the time to develop a strong sense of self, whether through meditation, exercise, writing—whatever brings you closer to emotional wholeness,” she says. Once you feel at ease in your skin, you can have fun getting as down and dirty as you like, without regrets.


Sags might have a commitment-phobe streak, but when they find the right sex match, they’re all in like it’s their one true pairing. “They put their partner on a pedestal, and if the person fails them, they’ll wonder whether he ever deserved to be up there in the first place,” says Gat. Everyone has their off days, but if your man occasionally has trouble getting it up, comes too fast, or gets lost on the way to O town, you might write him off as a crappy lover.

Your move: Still, don’t give up too soon. “Allow people to be human,” she says. “And remind yourself that if the sex isn’t as amazing as it once was that passion can be cultivated again.” It’s vital for this sign to keep spicing things up by trying new positions and sex toys. One last tip from Gat: Sags thrive when traveling, so heading on a weekend getaway to indulge in some vacay booty will go a long way.


Ruled by the rigid planet Saturn, Capricorns have trouble physically letting go, says Gat.

Your move:  Treat yourself to a shopping spree for new bras and undies that make you feel foxy as hell. “Dressing up in sexy lingerie allows your natural sensuality to emerge,” she says.


It takes time for cerebral Aquarians to decompress and transition from the work world to their sexual life.

Your move: Throughout the day, do little things to keep your embers burning—like engaging in some self-love in the shower, exchanging sexts with your guy, and reading a steamy novel during your lunch break. That’ll give your lust level a head start. Then, leave yourself a window in the evening to unwind from the hustle. When you hop into bed, you’ll be ready to rock.


Pisces are incredibly empathetic, which leads to soulful sack sessions. But they’re also prone to sex ruts. “They can feel uninspired in bed and stifled by monogamy,” says Gat. But shutting your wandering eye will only backfire. “Of all the signs, Pisces are the most likely to need sexual variety to stay satisfied,” says Gat.

Your move: Give yourself permission to indulge in a little harmless flirting. Checking hotties out on the street and playfully chatting up other guys when you’re out with friends will give you the rush of being with someone different. You can use that erotic energy to fire up sex with your partner. Other options: Start watching porn with your man or even introducing a third party into bedroom. You know you like it spicy!

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