A New Wearable Sex Toy Can Sync To Audio Erotica

The future of sex toys is here: you can now experience your favourite audio book erotica and sync it to this vibrator.

Vibease was originally a crowdfunded project on IndieGoGo to revolutionise the sex toy industry by creating the first ever wearable smart vibrator. The idea was to stimulate multiple senses at once – with hearing, mood, emotion and fantasy stimulation in addition to the obvious physical stimulation.

The vibrator is synced with audio fantasies through an iOS or Android phone in order to do this. For instance, when a voice in the fantasy app says: “I’m touching you softly”, the vibrator will vibrate softly. And when the voice says: “I’m touching you hard”, the vibrator vibrates hard.

Currently there are over 500 erotic audiobooks to choose from on the app that you can sync the vibrator up with.


There is also an app available to download that is specifically designed for people in long-distance relationships, called Vibease Intimate App. It allows long-distance partners to control the vibrations, even from the other side of the world! The app includes an instant messaging and video call feature.

The future is here, ladies. 

Source: Marie Claire

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