How to quickly get rid of a bruise

Instant funds to get rid of bruises does not exist, but it can be prevented. Or at least speed up healing by 2-3 times. Choose the method you like:

1. Cold

If you just hit, use something cold: ice, water bottle, bag of tortillas, or even a coin. Apply the poultice for 15 minutes. If it is icy, you first wrap the item with a towel. And take breaks every 2-3 minutes.

Use this method only for 4 hours after impact. If there is a wound, it must first be treated and bandage.

2. Heat

If the bruise is already there, go back. Use warm compress: it could be the sand in the bag, heating pad or even a boiled egg. The principle is the same: apply for 15 minutes 3-4 times a day.

3. Goulard

Sounds scary, but it’s the old-fashioned way. Ask in a drugstore a solution of lead acetate or lead water – it will help to dissolve fresh bruises. Just be careful: this tool can cause allergies.

Previously the lotion was replaced with a wet sheet of newspaper. But in the modern printing ink add so much lead, so the recipe is no longer working.

4. Badyaga

Another well-known pharmaceutical agent. Badyaga – freshwater sponge it is, which is dried and sold in powder or gel.

It is applied in a thin layer on a fresh bruise and leave for a few minutes (the exact time is written on the packaging). If you bought a badyaga powder, for starters dilute it with water in the ratio of 2:1. Just remember that this is a pretty crude tool – it cannot be used often.

5. Special ointments/creams/balms

Powder concoctions and lead water will cost you 10 rubles, and that branded medicines are more expensive at least 5 times. But they are easy to apply and can at the same time to moisturize the skin. Just before use, don’t forget to read the list of contraindications.

6. Iodine

Decide what looks worse: a bruise or contusion to iodine mesh. And we’ll just tell you that iodine reduces swelling and promotes healthy circulation. As a result, any injuries heal faster.

7. Capsicum plaster

It can be used only through the day after the injury. Not a very pleasant method, but effective: the bruise will be less visible in a matter of minutes.

In order to bruises and contusions, beware. For example, read our article “6 deadly dangers inherent bathroom”.