How to make the air in your home clean?

We complain about the environment, meanwhile, the air in our home can be 5 times dirtier than the street and 10 times more toxic. Here are the main reasons why this happens:

1. Dust

For the year on one square meter can accumulate up to 8 g of dust. Textile fibers, skin particles, bacteria, pollen, mud – all this settles and accumulates in our houses. So the conditions for the breeding of dust mites. And feces of these insects can cause allergies, eye irritation, skin irritation, coughing, asthma, and even angioedema.

What to do?

To vacuum floors and upholstered furniture 2 times per week, wipe the dust, wash the curtains. If you have allergies, we need radical measures: to change the curtains for blinds, remove all the carpets, put the books in the locker, throw a plush toy.

2. Kitchen couple

The combustion gas formed a lot of harmful substances, including carcinogenic. And during cooking releases toxins: formaldehyde, ammonia, etc. some of them settles on the furniture, and part of it hangs in the air.

What to do?

Ventilate the kitchen, install a range hood, to replace a gas stove to electric.

3. Mold

Mold is everywhere. But especially a lot of it in your bathroom: the heat and humidity is perfect conditions for reproduction of fungi. Many of them secrete mycotoxins – they cause asthma, skin rashes, indigestion, headaches and a host of other unpleasant things.

What to do?

To establish a system of ventilation, to maintain a flat level of humidity around 40%, wash the curtain, do not dry in the rooms and washed clothes.

4. Chipboard furniture

Particleboard is a pressed layers of wood, connected by special resins. This material highlights the formaldehyde and phenols — substances that cause cancer. Until the furniture is covered with a protective layer, no serious harm it will not cause you. But if it is damaged, air will begin to stand out carcinogens.

What to do?

Choose furniture made of safe materials. But if you still decide to buy chipboard, hardboard or MDF, to ask the seller a certificate of quality. Indicators of formaldehyde emission should correspond to GOST or European standard E1 (in the extreme case, E2).

5. Tobacco smoke

Cigarettes cause harm not only to those who smoke: smoke soaks into clothes, furniture, curtains, carpets and clothes. In the end, everyone who lives with a smoker, daily health risks.

What to do?

No Smoking in the house, to air, to wash and clean the entire textile, put air purifiers smoke. And best of all – to quit this bad habit.

6. Pets

Wool and skin of our Pets roaming the house, increase the amount of dust and can cause allergies.

What to do?

Comb Pets, especially when they molt. If there is no time, you can make the procedure “Express-molt” in salons for animals. To get owners fuzzies, too, have more frequently than others.

7. Household chemicals

Cleaning toxic household cleaning products effect on our lungs worse than Smoking. And even protective face mask. you will not save – particles of detergents settle on furniture or be left to float in the air.

What to do?

Read our article on”Household chemicals were more dangerous than cigarettes” – we spoke in detail about this problem and how to solve it.