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The liver is the organ that protects us from a variety of “hostile” agents. It is still rightly called the main filter of the body. Carrying such a huge load, the liver itself needs to be protected, especially if you regularly take medications or violate the principles of a healthy lifestyle. So, the best measures to protect the liver.

Drink more water. Sometimes it seems that this recommendation to give “on all occasions”: for any disease or ailment. But the water really helps to cleanse the body: it is easier displays the decay products of. Helpful for the liver to drink mineral water, for example, “Essentuki”. Remember, however, that it has an effect on bile duct, which how to drink mineral water to improve the condition of the liver, consult your doctor.

Want to protect liver – eat right. About fatty foods that are too heavy for the liver we have already said. And to help her work more efficiently, reduce the burden, eat more foods that contain fiber: raw vegetables, fruit skins, bran, etc.

The main drugs which are designed specifically for the liver are called the hepatic. They protect liver cells, in particular, due to the content effentially phospholipids. Of them are cell membrane, and if “wear” shells large, the use of hepatoprotectors will extend the life of the liver cells. This is especially important in cases when the liver is suffering from the effects of toxins.

We’re not talking about sports, but moderate exercise can help maintain normal functioning of the liver. Physical inactivity leads to deterioration of all organs. Special complexes of therapeutic physical training that are matched for people with problematic liver helps to normalize the work of the authority. Just note that in liver disease it is not recommended to perform strength exercises, challenging the abdominal muscles – this may cause an increase of Bela.

If you have liver problems, avoid temperature changes. Not worth it in the winter to go to exotic island vacation can be ruined by the next attack. To stay long under direct sunlight is also not recommended.

Food waste is chips, crackers, snacks, fast food. All that tasty, but without which it is possible to do. Because these products contain harmful food additives. For example, in Breakfast cereals and chewing gum contains E 171 – titanium dioxide, which can adversely affect the liver. And additive E-172, which is used as a dye, may lead to the development of liver cancer. So before you buy a bag of chips, think about the liver.

Scientists from the U.S. found that about half of all drug liver damage caused by antibiotics. For example, the tetracycline antibiotics can affect the liver cells, disrupt their structure. Receiving nitrofurans can cause hepatitis. So never give yourself the antibiotics alone: only a doctor can assess how much risk they carry specifically for you.

Fatty foods – fried meats, especially lamb, fatty fish, animal oils is very harmful for the liver. Their digestion requires body lot of effort. Experts recommend to use avocado (a lovely vegetable fat) and coconut oil is digested much easier than butter.