8 ways to satisfy your emotional hunger

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What causes emotional hunger?

How to understand what is emotional hunger?

How to deal with psychological hunger?

You know that the majority of people eat not because of real hunger? Psychological hunger is the cause of overeating and, as a consequence, excess weight. In an attempt to cope with this condition, many people go on a diet, but it is fundamentally wrong, because instead of trying to solve the problem in the Bud.

Food is the key to a happy life. And if it means for you too much, it’s time to read our article. Because in it we will examine why there is a psychological hunger and how it can be overcome.

What causes emotional hunger?

Imagine the scene: you’ve just come from work, went to the refrigerator, ate first got the fruit, then cooked dinner, ate. It would seem that the hunger appeased, but after a half-hour, you again go to the fridge to grab some sweetness, though, and realize that you stomach is full. A familiar situation? Congratulations, you have psychological hunger.

It is a condition in which you don’t experience real, physical hunger, but emotional need to “recharge”. According to psychologists, such relationships do not occur just like that. Most often they are laid in childhood. A young mother comes home, sees a crying child and feeds him because he thinks that tears are the result of hunger. This happens regularly, so there is a kind of addiction. Because the child is not always experiencing physical hunger, and crying for another reason, for example due to stress in the absence of the mother, receives this award.

Then the situation is developing even more. Due to the lack of time parents are trying to compensate for his absence. They are downplaying the guilt of that, buy a variety of sweets. It’s certainly not bad, because mom and dad want to please the child. But, on the other hand, it provokes the development of dependence, hence psychological hunger.

How to understand what is emotional hunger?

Physiological hunger is formed irrespective of the human condition. You just want to eat. In the stomach the impression of emptiness, sucking hunger, there is a rumbling, feeling of fatigue and lack of energy. After all, food is the source of our courage. If physical hunger you drink a glass of water, it is only temporarily blunt the feeling of hunger.

Emotional hunger is triggered by different mental States. It can occur even right after eating. Physical hunger occurs not earlier than three hours after a meal.

When physiological hunger is the body still there. But emotional hunger tells you what you want to eat. For example, at a particular moment you may want chocolate or chips, but it does not mean that you are really physically hungry.

How to deal with psychological hunger?

First, drink a glass of water before a meal. You can substitute water for tomato juice or mineral water. These drinks will reduce the appetite and eat slightly less than you can afford. The perfect drink to quench your psychological hunger are yogurt, green tea, fresh Apple juice. If you lose weight, water in your diet should be more than usual. However, don’t eat during meals, as this will only increase the volume of the stomach. Also forget about alcoholic drinks because they only provoke emotional hunger.

Second, please reconsider your attitude to food and life in particular. Perhaps your psychological hunger caused due to permanent stress at work? Then think about how that could change. Find stressful situations that trigger your desire to eat, and try to get rid of them. Otherwise, to satisfy psychological hunger, you will not be able to end his days.

Third, keep an active lifestyle. First and foremost, include in your life activities. Beautiful figure will make you give up the extra portions of food, because you have tried so many for this! Your life should not be enclosed within one room. Be sure to attend local events (concerts, performances, exhibitions, sports competitions and so on), to force myself to get out of this state when you’re lying on the couch alone and eating sweets.

Fourth, for the first time, analyze your time. How you spend each day, write in the diary. So you can understand at what point the slip up and consume more food than you can. Then try to avoid such a situation, encourage you, of life.

Fifth, sleep as long as possible. As you know, stress can arise from lack of sleep. Have a rest from work, relax, sleep in a dark room. This will allow you to deprive yourself of cravings.

Sixth, normalize your schedule of meals. Eat strictly by the hour to get used to the new rules. This will allow you not to break and not to go on about the psychological hunger.

Seventh, forget about hikes at grocery stores in the fasted state. It could trigger rash purchases. Home is no need to keep the food in sight because you can come by and grab something. Instead of chocolates on the table, put the best apples or pears.

And finally, replace harmful snacks (chips, candy, cakes, cookies, fast food etc) to useful products. It can be fruits, vegetables, slices, whole grain products, nuts, dried fruits and so on. Options that are on the market today, a great many. You will never experience feelings of food.

As you can see, changing habits can be quite simple. Follow these tips and life will improve.