With the Fitness formula for success: the ideal daily schedule

The place of torment is tasteful furnishings: dark oak parquet, the walls covered with wood, Fitness equipment, the furniture seem as exquisite Designer. In the “Stretching room” as the space in the Munich R1 sports club is getting ready for a novice. The social worker Tina mouse, 39, waived, however, on power, sweat and moans. Her Trainer Valentin Wessel Berger prescribed by your quiet, gentle Exercises. You should mobilize your body.

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Mouse explains, due to an injured leg muscle you’ve can’t start exercising at all. Your Coach have to be sent to the physiotherapist next door in the sports club. The 39-Year-old impressed: “The coordination between the Personal Trainer and physiotherapist is fluent, and the Physio has immediately recognized my problems.”

It is a new, healthier Fitness philosophy

Welcome to the world of the new, holistic Fitness. Pure power pumps for more muscle, better endurance and a larger Ego does not count anymore here.

Studios such as R1 to provide a complete programme for body and soul. Personal Coaches provide a tailor-made Training that goes far beyond the pure Sport. Your students will be able to feed themselves better, it is better to relax and have a better rhythm in your professional and private life to accept.

Obsessed in every Detail, to correct the coach of R1 each even minimally incorrect movement of their wards, honing the sports and nutrition plans. So how to Mark the exercise habits of the football team, has revolutionized Verstegen once with his athletics training, so R1 raises the Personal Training to a new level. “Become an Athlete of Your life” is the Slogan of R1. He could be the Motto for a new, healthier Fitness philosophy.

In four steps, for the Athlete in Your life

The R1-creators to the company’s founder, Marko Rajkovic want to bring your customers on four levels in momentum:

First, Movement. Whether functional Training, Fitness Boxing, strength training, Yoga or endurance, the Central Element of the concept of the movement.Training with your own body weight is the focus, but also small equipment, Short – and long-dumbbell, strength machines, or Ergometers. The sports hour follow a scheme: The first 20 minutes are provided for the mobilization to loosen muscular and fascial tension.

Then, the activation of which, in particular, strengthens the Core muscles (abdominal and back). Only then can the actual Training with strength and endurance circle begins (see Workout on page 80).

Secondly, Eat. To Start R1 does not recommend a Reset-cure for the metabolism, especially if the customer was a long time active. 28 days you should consciously avoid alcohol, dairy, sugar, cereals and ready meals. Per week 21 meals are allowed, a maximum of three on the day. Instead of Snacks, you should better choose a Dessert directly after the meal. This reduces the total calorie intake and promotes fat metabolism.

A intermittent fasting after 16:8 formula comes in two to three days per week. This means that the food intake per day is reduced to eight hours – you eat so, for example, only between 10 am and 18 PM. During the 16 hours of continuous fast phase is a boost in contrast, the Autophagy, the, a kind of the body’s own cell cleaning.

On fasting days in which a Workout is on the Plan, it provides a Bulletproof coffee (or tea) on the necessary energy, the Espresso is mixed with a spoon of Butter or coconut oil to the necessary calories. The R1-nutrition experts also recommend the additional intake of Omega 3 (for hormone production) and Vitamin D3 (for the immune system).

Thirdly Relaxation. Who is Gas, also needs brakes. The following advice will give Rajkovic co.: at Least six hours of sleep, you should treat yourself to per night in times of intense stress even for 7.5 hours. That’s the equivalent of four or five sleep cycles, so you Wake up at the end of a cycle and a smooth Transition in the day.

Also, one should breathe less hectic. An intensive abdominal breathing and a time ratio of 2:1 of to inhalation, the relaxation promote.

Who moves out, increased fresh air, which has a positive effect on blood pressure, immune system and cardiovascular system and mental processes, stimulates.

Fourthly, In Review. Do Good and write about it. With a so-called Lifestyle-log R1 gain-Adept a daily Overview. Orientation provides the WLAG-analysis: What is the Win, the Loss and the Aha for the day? And what Goal sets you up for the next day? The concept also recommends that rate with a Status-quo-analysis of the energy level over the day, from 1 to 100 percent.

Particularly on training and additional qualifications, it is

Holistic Fitness concepts, such as the R1 use a clear growth market. Personal Training is booming in Germany, the demand is increasing, especially in the cities. It is estimated that in Europe approximately 71,000 Personal trainers offer their services. Most in the UK, with over 26,000 in Germany, comes with 8800 trainers behind Italy.

The Personal Trainer navigates his clients through an otherwise vast Fitness market. “People no longer know what is Right for you,” says Personal Coach Ralf Boie from Hamburg. Or as the sports sociologist Thomas Alkemeyer puts it: “if a company buys a Expertise.

The Problem for the customer: Personal Trainer, anyone can call themselves – the term is not protected either, nor is any quality standards.

If anyone has the necessary knowledge, technically in-depth Training can be tailored to the individual needs and also the psychological sense, in order to motivate its customers over the long term – this is shown only after the first few hours.

“Customers should pay attention to the choice of the Coach, whether a legitimate training is available. A sports high-school degree plus additional qualifications are usually a good base,“ recommends Heinz Kleinöder, head of the Personal-Trainer-in-training at the German sport University in Cologne.

Since the year of 2010, 350 students have passed through the training at Kleinöders Institute, one of the First André Haep. In the Eifel-based degree in sports science can save in front of customers: “The inner pig dog, the other is my employer.” Even if his goal is to move people to self-responsible sports: Who was once trained by Haep, he is usually faithful.

Otherwise it looks in normal Fitness Studios: A recent study shows that 80 percent of the members cancel within the first 24 months. The reasons for this: lack of Motivation, monotonous Workouts, lack of time.

The digitalization is a blessing and a challenge at the same time

The digital Revolution, the One recorded one-on-one Training. About 60 percent of the Active already use Tracker, Smartphone, GPS co., to measure and record progress.

They had all the instruments in Hand, to become their own Coach. But the practice is different. Boie sees a blessing and a curse at the same time in the digital options: “performance measure, and document the data has become much easier, also the Quantify of developments.”

Also the Trainer must be familiar with a number of Fitness sites and Apps perfectly – Runtastic, Strava, or Garmin. Your students expect immediate Feedback from the Coach, although often time is needed to interpret the data, and new training goals.

R1-husband Philipp Heider nevertheless sees clear advantages thanks to the new virtual tools: “We have the customer data all in our Cloud, you know exactly what you stand. As a result, we can adjust the Training much better, even if the coach changes over time.“ Also in the case of dietary advice, specially if the eating behavior is logged, is a direct feedback via the App quickly and easily feasible. “For us, the comprehensive customer became support, a lot easier. The challenge is to find a good mix of digital opportunities and the analog contact.“

Tina mouse with your workout, the sweat is running down, your mood is relaxed. She pays in a month as much as in your old Studio in the whole year. You could complete your program alone, and to force machines to train, enough to know she would have. However, a change back to a classic Studio is no longer an option for you. “I just feel better, the muscular problems are significantly less. That alone is to me the investment is worth it.“ And so you enjoy your training-feel-good oasis at the professional level.