Underestimated risk: Many Germans suffer from kidneys and do not realize it

If the kidneys stop working, we are dedicated to the death or life-long dialysis dependent. As currently 80,000 patients in Germany. Even worse is that the kidneys are functioning at each Tenth is defective – you just don’t know it.

The kidneys belong to the Central organs of our body, without which we cannot survive. But while, for example, to a malfunctioning heart a number of operational “repairs” are possible, for the kidney. Damage to the Organ can not be undone.

In addition, diseased kidneys make very late by symptoms. Jan C. Galle, Director of the clinic for Nephrology at the Klinikum Lüdenscheid and press spokesman of the German society for Nephrology (DGfN) told FOCUS Online: “A urinary tract infection or pyelonephritis, we feel painful. If, however, the work of the kidney tissue is sick, nothing hurts.“ Symptoms often occur only, if the institution works only to 10 or 15 percent. Undo kidney damage does not.

Age, medications, Obesity risk factors for the kidney

The notice alone, none of this can explain that so many people renal with bad work. Our kidneys need to be constantly in use: pollutants from the body filter, the water balance and therefore blood pressure, regulate hormones and enzymes withproduce.

The number of people with kidney damage and poorly working kidneys is increasing steadily. This has to be a natural reasons, such as the specialist says: “The kidney function is the age. It is an 80-Year-olds, maybe only 70 percent, even if he is healthy.“

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As an renal risk of bile is called over-the-counter pain relievers. They would always be taken too often without thinking of the strong effect on the kidneys.

Worse kidney damage as a result of Diabetes and high blood pressure. Because the kidneys have tubes numerous, very fine blood, take you to high pressure damage as a high blood sugar level.

Diabetes and high blood pressure are forcing most people to dialysis

“These two causes alone account for two-thirds of the dialysis patients.” Around 80,000 people are dependent in Germany, on regular blood-laundering. Two million are considered to be kidney disease. Experts estimate that four – life up to five times as many people with a broken kidney. Exact Figures are not available in the absence of a register for Germany.

The risk factors Diabetes and hypertension are often associated with Obesity. We now know that too much body fat directly damaging to the kidney: inflammatory reactions in the adipose tissue, the kidney disease occurs gradually. This initially mild impairment of renal function increases the risk for a heart attack or stroke.

The warning signs are stuck in the urine

Although a defective kidney does not hurt, there are warning signs that something is wrong with the detoxification and pollution processing of the body’s own wastewater treatment plant. Nephrologist bile says: “Foamy urine is an indication of too much protein. He is reddish, this indicates there is blood. Both should not occur in a properly functioning kidney.“

Even if everything appears normal, recommends that the kidney expert, regular examination by the house physician. The “Check-up 35” of the statutory health insurance, every two years, a urine test, the protein and blood reveals. In addition, the physician should also have the creatinine value in the laboratory to measure. He gives information about the kidney function.

The nephrologist admits in a conversation with a prejudice: “You can’t flush out the kidneys healthy by drinking too much.” The kidney would suffer, if someone is drinking too little, what occurs for example in old people often. However, they would have nothing of it, if you pour liters of liquid.