Ejaculation problems: If he comes too early, too late or in pain

Approximately every fourth man in Germany has problems with ejaculation. Especially common premature ejaculation is. What are the serious causes of are liable to come in question, when medications or Sex-help techniques and why do men, in any case, the urologist should go. FOCUS Online spoke with an expert.

Problems with potency, and the potency can strengthen the is constantly being addressed, so the General impression. Much less frequently the language of ejaculation disorders, even though they belong to the most common sexual problems of the man. There are different problems with ejaculation. Often, they can lead to severe suffering, and sometimes even the children’s desire to torpedo it.

Premature ejaculation: For some couples, this is no Problem at all

Up to a quarter of men suffers, for example, at some point in their lives a premature ejaculation, Ejaculatio praecox. “Most young men are concerned, because their threshold is low,” says Professor Tobias hunter, urologist and andrologist, member of the Board of the German society for men and health. First and foremost, it depends on how the Couple subjectively evaluated the early ejaculation, because some feel the ejaculation a Minute after Penetration as quite satisfactory. Then no action is of course required.

Misconceptions by porn: reality is three minutes

Others are disappointed when they “only” 15 minutes. “Here it is, the distorted representation of Sex in the media and porn is almost back, which you have probably eaten,” says the urologist. A or 15 minutes, what is normal? The fact is that the Penetration to ejaculation, in reality, an average of only three to five minutes.

Suffering through premature ejaculation

The seeds of a casting, however, earlier and interferes with the man and a partner/partners, should together with the specialist will be searched for the cause, then the therapy is determined. “It’s like a low threshold, Masturbation, manual techniques, or just before Sex once, help the ejaculation to delay,” advises Tobias hunter.

Stop-Start and Squeeze technique to delay ejaculation

Two methods have proven that can work after some training time very well:

  1. Stop-Start technique, the Penis is stimulated until shortly before ejaculation, then a Pause (about a Minute), and then the limb is irritated in turn. In this way, the period up to the time of ejaculation is prolonged.
  2. Squeeze or squeeze technique: This is a Variation of the stop-Start technique. Just before the point of no return the tip of the penis gently between forefinger is pressed finger and thumb. This pressure for a few seconds, maintain it, after a little wait and again sexually active.

Testosterone deficiency as a striking cause is, if he comes too early

Sometimes the premature ejaculation but it also has hormonal causes. “Often, the level of testosterone is low,” reports the andrologist. Why this hormone deficiency with premature ejaculation can go hand in hand, is not scientifically explain. However, the lack of a testosterone replacement therapy to compensate for.

Antidepressants for premature ejaculation

As a third cause of premature ejaculation also to high serotonin level is out of the question. Serotonin is the brain messenger that is supposed to make you happy and awake, but can also lead to premature ejaculation. Then the same drugs such as the serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs, a group of antidepressants), the too Much and lead to a delay in the ejaculation, as various studies show. Tobias hunter has done research on this topic .

“SSRIs work quite well, however, the costs are high”, explains the expert. Because of the specific antidepressants the doctor prescribes, the Patient must bear the costs (six tablets about 60 Euro). The drug is selectively taken only when needed, up to three hours before sexual intercourse – are not continuous, such as for the treatment of depression is necessary.

Delayed or lack of ejaculation

Much less common than premature ejaculation, Anejaculation) is when the husband comes late, or the ejaculation does not take place apparently (. The striking delay can have psychological causes, such as some problems, but also the first evidence of a metabolic or nerve disease.

“This may be the first signs of Multiple sclerosis,” warns Tobias hunter. Most frequently, this Form of ejaculation disorder is an early sign of Diabetes. In both cases, it is good that in this way the disease early and in order to counter this recognized before, such as the threatened, for example, in the case of the sugar disease, permanent damage such as those caused on the eye. Depending on the diagnosis is, therefore, initiated the appropriate therapy.

Dry orgasm is a problem with the desire to have children

If the ejaculation, the man has an orgasm, it can have various reasons. It is, for example, a Ejaculatio retarda, the ejaculate goes backwards and ends up in the bladder. The next time you water it will let the urine flushed out. The cause can be metabolic and nervous diseases, but also certain medications can have this side effect, such as:

  • Antidepressants
  • Prostate medications such as Alpha-1-blockers for benign prostatic enlargement,

For most individuals, the dry orgasm is not a Problem, because the satisfaction of admission Yes. The situation is different with couples who want to have a Baby. “Then there are various methods, for example through a change of medication or electrical stimulation of the ejaculation to bring about to the outside,” says Tobias hunter.

Painful seed is not cast, If the ejaculation pleasure but Suffering

Probably the rarest Form of ejaculation disorders are pain in the effusion. You can be burning and stabbing, until in the bladder, testicles, or Anus emitting. As causes inflammation in question, “such as urethral or prostatic inflammation,” explains the urologist. Also, STDs can be a trigger. The good news is that All these diseases are treated with antibiotics, usually quickly and successfully. Only in the rarest cases, the pain can be triggered by a malignant Tumor, such as prostate cancer.

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Approximately every fourth man in Germany has problems with ejaculation. Especially common premature ejaculation is. What are the serious causes of are liable to come in question, when medications or Sex-help techniques and why do men, in any case, the urologist should go. FOCUS Online spoke with an expert.

Ejaculation disorders, the doctor clarify

Men have problems with ejaculation, should definitely go to the doctor is best to see a urologist/andrologist “Sometimes, a serious illness can be behind the complaints, especially Diabetes and nervous diseases, in the exceptional case of a Tumor,” warns Tobias hunter.

The urologist can come up with various diagnostic agents of these causes on the track, such as blood tests, examination of the semen, ultrasound examination, nerve measurement (Biothesiometrie). All of these methods are virtually pain-free and not take a long time. Besides, The doctor’s appointment is a good investment in your health, your quality of life and your partner is.