A naturopath explains what gentle means, he recommends cough

Constant coughing is annoying and a burden in everyday life. Often a viral infection is the cause. With simple home remedies and homeopathic remedies you can relieve the discomfort.

Cough is the most common Symptom in diseases of the respiratory system. In about 80 percent of the cases, it is due to viral.

Possible causes for cough

  • Little bit or clear discharge, possibly a slight fever: viral infection, flu infection
  • Yellow-green sputum, often rattling cough, much mucus, possibly a slight fever: purulent Bronchitis
  • High fever and bad General condition: pneumonia, influenza, Malaria
  • Shortness of breath and high fever: pneumonia
  • Stabbing pain in chest when coughing: pleurisy, pneumonia, flu infection
  • Shortness of breath, but without a fever: Asthma, heart disease
  • Spasmodic cough, coughing attacks, wheezing, gagging, vomiting, and shortness of breath: spastic cough, whooping cough, Asthma
  • Over weeks of persistent, chronic cough: chronic Bronchitis, pulmonary tuberculosis, lung cancer

Important: Each flu may cause a purulent Bronchitis or pneumonia (shortness of breath, chest pain, and usually high fever). Seek, therefore, in these cases, a doctor. The elderly and patients with weakened immune systems are particularly at risk, which is why you should every cough medical check. The same applies in the case of Asthma, because it is there for shortness of breath, often with whistling, laborious exhalation. Also chronic cough, you should let medical clarify.

Homeopathy – effective, method of healing, or a pure Placebo?

In homeopathy, are the ghosts again and again: it Is an effective medicine and is based on your success solely on the Placebo effect? The dispute is a religious war. On the one hand-oriented physician, the only methods of success measurement are scientific and provable. On the other hand, representatives of the homeopathy references to many observable therapeutic success to patients and a large following.

Homeopathy is not a recognised science. Rational method will not be explained, which sets up recognition of diluted active ingredients, the essence of a person in the choice and terms are used that do not occur in the school of medicine. Nevertheless, classically trained Physicians of the many patients popular homeopathy is becoming increasingly open. Around 7000 of them have a homeopathic training.

Because the fact is: Many people swear by the use of Pessaries. The majority of Germans seems to be convinced that to you in homeopathic treatments to help, such as a study by the Bertelsmann Foundation and Barmer GEK. Of the nearly 7,000 respondents, more than 80 percent said that they have improved it a homeopathic treatment. Other research shows that every second German has used medicine balls.

General tips for cough

So, a simple cough is not getting worse, but quickly subsides, you should pay attention to in everyday life at certain things:

  • To resolve Phlegm plenty to drink – this makes it easier to cough up.
  • Inhale and RUB of the chest and back with essential Oils (chamomile, eucalyptus, thyme).
  • Tapping of the chest and back loosens mucus; Torso slightly to the bottom bearings.
  • In the case of respiratory diseases the smoke.

    To The Person

    Sven Sommer has studied in Heidelberg chemistry, before he was natural healing in the transition and health practitioners. Since 1992, he works in a private practice. He has written numerous books on homeopathy. The Text is based on an excerpt from his book, “Sven Sommers homöopathische Haus – und travel pharmacy”.

These homeopathic remedies to help with cough

  • A sudden onset of nocturnal cough; short and whistling with acute shortness of breath and choking feeling; They are anxious and restless: Aconitum C30, every half hour
  • Dry painful cough; Cough when deep Inhaling; often stabbing pain in the chest; Keep
  • the chest; greedy thirst for Cold: Bryonia 30C, every four hours
  • Barking, dry and spasmodic cough: Belladonna C30, every two hours
  • Cough, with tickling irritation in the larynx; Nausea with vomiting, and mucous rattling in the bronchi; Choking feeling: Ipecacuanha C30, every two hours
  • Rough voice, with hoarseness or complete voice loss; dry, painful cough; great thirst for Cold; Blood in the sputum; Fever: Phosphorus C30, every twelve hours
  • Red, watery eyes, runny nose and coughing, Standing up, better Lying: Euphrasia D12, all four hours
  • Coughing and hoarseness of the voice by the slightest application of a cold stimulus; rattling, loose, but also suffocating cough, stabbing pain in the throat: Hepar sulfuris C 30, every four hours
  • Attacks of cramp-like tie up the chest with shortness of breath; violent, spastic cough that takes your breath away: Cuprum metallicum C30, every two hours
  • In the morning, loose yellow-green expectoration, in the evening, dry cough: Pulsatilla C30, every six hours

Note that the contribution is not a substitute for medical advice.