Urban air lowers people’s intelligence

Air pollution in cities contributes to a steady decline of intelligence, in which a reduced vocabulary and reduced ability of the brain to perform arithmetic calculations. High level of air pollution poses an undeniable threat to the cognitive abilities of a person, this convinced the authors of the new study, scientists from China.

A group of scientists at the request of the University of Beijing conducted a series of tests in different regions of China, the results of which can be easily set exactly how air pollution can affect mental abilities. The authors have proposed the job to the intelligence and compared the results people task with indicators of pollution of atmosphere in region of residence of volunteers. It turned out that this factor inhibits cognitive function and is particularly dangerous for older men,whose performance was the worst.

In total, the specialists were tested 20 thousand people. Commenting on the evidence of a link between increased pollution and a decrease of intelligence, the scientist XI Chen of Yale Institute of Public Health said that the accommodation in the region strongly contaminated by air is comparable to the loss years of study at school or University.

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