Banks on his back, what use and how to apply them?

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The influence of cans on the health

Use cans on the back

Harm cupping technique and contraindications

How to put banks

Precautions for cupping method

In China, doctors began to use banks for medical purposes. The sages believed that the bamboo containers may improve the flow of vital energy “Qi”, and in the middle of the XIX century, the Russian physician Pirogov first used glass jars as a means for the treatment of colds, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Since then, banks have in the home medicine Cabinet of almost every citizen of our country.

This article tells about the benefits of this method, correct use of cans on the back and possible side effects.

The influence of cans on the health

The cupping method has a tremendous impact on the human body. So, it is possible to stimulate the blood circulation, improve lymph flow, restore tissue nutrition. In addition, banks on the back that eliminate inflammation, restore skin elasticity. Quite often banks put for colds because they help to improve the immune system, muscle tone, thus, to get rid of the disease.

The most important indication for the method of cupping is to strengthen immune function and reduce inflammation.

Use cans on the back

Cupping method allows deep cleansing of the lymph, and the lymphatic current of liquid is accelerated and in the internal organs. The blood circulation allows the body to fight infections. The most effective this method of treatment for bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia. In the first three days of the disease the inflammation of the bronchial tubes is removed, decrease soreness, mucus will be liquefied, which will contribute to its output. But acute inflammation and pus are contraindications.

Also, banks can be put in difficulty breathing and dry cough. Due to this phlegm will not be formed and, accordingly, will not fall into the bronchi. After two or three times of using jars the cough is completely gone, and your breath will be free. General immunity is improved.

Even the common cold can be an indication for cupping method. In the first days of its symptoms — weakness, malaise, cough, sore throat, chills, and temperature — will be removed. Will also disappear pain in the chest and throat.

In addition, banks on the back you can put the pain in that area, as well as in the cervical and lumbar spine. The fact is that when you stimulate blood flow relax muscles and nerve endings. After three treatments there will come substantial improvements, will eliminate the pain and spasms. With sciatica and biotite is also possible to use banks, which will help to reduce inflammation, remove pain and relieve muscle clips. The greatest efficiency can be observed when cervical radiculitis.

And most importantly, cupping method will improve the functioning of the organs. Just be banks on those organs that are sick.

Harm cupping technique and contraindications

Banks to back very effective in the treatment of various diseases. But this method has certain contraindications. They can not put the banks back under the following conditions:

  1. Benign or malignant tumors;
  2. Poor blood clotting;
  3. Tuberculosis and pneumonia;
  4. Mental instability and high anxiety;
  5. Pregnancy in the early stages;
  6. Skin diseases;
  7. Disruption of the hormonal system;
  8. Laryngitis, bronchitis, tracheitis acute;
  9. Temperature above 37.5 degrees;
  10. Hypertension and cardiovascular disease;
  11. Dystrophy;
  12. The tendency to allergic reactions;
  13. Exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How to put banks

For the procedure you will need:

  • Banks of glass or a polymeric material (500 or 100 ml).
  • A bowl of boiled water;
  • A clean, soft towel;
  • Children cream or massage;
  • Rod;
  • Wool;
  • Alcohol;
  • Lighter.

For the production of cans must adhere to certain rules. First, wash, disinfect and dry banks. Then prepare the site for the procedure, but before that, treat the tools that you will use.

Be sure to pre-wash your hands with soap and water or antiseptic. Apply the cream to avoid contact with oxygen. Avoid when placing cans on the back of the blades, kidneys and spine.

Wrap a small amount of cotton wool in the stem, swirl it in the alcohol or the antiseptic, and then press the liquid at the edges. Then simultaneously hold the can and incinerate the filter. Insert the wick into the jar for 1-3 seconds, then immediately stick the jar in place, which was smeared with cream. She should stick to the skin. Then, extinguish the wick in the water. Repeat the same with other banks. You should put them at a distance of three to five centimeters from each other.

If the jar is badly stuck, you need to repeat the procedure. Then cover with a towel and leave in such condition for 15 minutes.

Remember that cupping method requires regularity and competent approach. So, the first procedure should not be more than one or two minutes. Each time you need to increase the time of treatment. In the end it should be up to 15 minutes.

By the way, removing the cans should not cause discomfort. If there is pain, you need to steam the area around the banks. For this you need to put to the damaged areas soaked in warm water towel or cloth.

Precautions for cupping method

You can not put banks in the area of the heart, kidneys and spine. It will aggravate the situation, will lead to the spread of infection due to increased blood flow.

All the tools for the procedure must be sterile and made of quality materials. Technique of cupping method and time of holding the cans on the back should be observed. This will reduce the risk of bruising on the area where applied to banks, as well as side effects. Also no need to put banks in the same place, as in this case, are formed by inflammation or hematoma.

Is carefully to treat this procedure to children. For example, children under three years do not have to be. Also, the method is not suitable for the treatment of children with nervous irritability, hyperactivity and asthenic physique.

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