First aid for burns in the kitchen

One of the most traumatic places in the house is the kitchen. A variety of sharp objects often cause cuts, often significant. But there is another, even more common danger – the hot plates, ovens, steam, boiling water, butter, hot dishes can cause serious burns. That is why it is important to know what are thermal burns and how to act if you burn yourself.

What burns in the kitchen can get

There are a number of burns that you can get while in the kitchen.

  • Burned by boiling water;
  • Burn with the fire from the gas stove;
  • Burn from electric current;
  • Burn vegetable oil;
  • Burned by steam from a pan or the oven;
  • Burn hot object.

Classification of burns involves four degrees. First degree burns are the most harmless, since the damage only the top layer of skin and completely disappear after a few days. Second-degree burns too superficial, but here already it is possible to appearance on the skin bubbles with a clear liquid. If you do not put on the affected area of infection then the result of the treatment on the skin of a scar. But the third degree will lead to scar formation – burns or captures the sprout layer of the dermis, resulting in skin mortified and is rejected. Finally, at the fourth degree damage underlying structures, including muscle tissue.

First aid for burns

Regardless of the type of burn first aid after it is received is always the same. Should immediately take certain measures, otherwise the burn will begin to form blisters, and wounds that will then arise, will be extremely difficult to heal. Remember that no need to immediately rush to the hospital, because superficial burns can be treated at home.

1. To begin cooling the affected area – this will help to relieve the pain and prevent the spread of damage inland. To do this, place the hand, finger or other part of the body that you burn under running cold water. If this is not possible, then enter a Cup of water or apply ice. However, this measure does not apply to burn from the boiling of vegetable oil, so you only hurt yourself.

2. When oil burns, the wound must be lubricated with any oil. It is best suited cream. But in other cases do not do this, because the fat will hinder the heat transfer from the burned area.

3. If hot liquid fell on her clothes, it must be immediately removed. Sometimes it is even easier to break to get rid of the hot and burning you even more things.

4. Then the wound must be decontaminated any antiseptic and apply a sterile bandage. In your first aid kit should always be some means in the event of a burn or any other injury.

5. Small lesions of the skin need to use healing ointments or folk remedies. The most suitable for sprays with dexpantenola. You can also use the ointment or cream, but the spray is more convenient because it absorbs quickly and leaves no trace.

If the burn is very serious, without medical help, you cannot do so immediately head to the nearest emergency room or call an ambulance.

Folk remedies for the treatment of burns

You can always resort to folk methods of treatment of burns received in the kitchen. But it is worth remembering that there are now a variety of medicines designed to ease your condition, and that invented by people who may not always be effective in your particular case.

A compress of raw root

Very easy to treat the first symptoms of burns raw potatoes, beets or squash. Any of these vegetables should be cut into thin roundels, and then apply to the damage. One disc should hold about 30 minutes and then changed to fresh. If you need to perform some action, it is necessary to fix the compress with adhesive plaster or bandage, but don’t forget to change the outdated plates of root vegetables. You can also make a mix of grated raw potatoes and honey, fresh aloe juice or Kalanchoe.


Healing ointment, you can make your own. For this you will need:

  1. Dried flowers medicinal chamomile;
  2. Calamus root;
  3. Milk;
  4. Beeswax.

The cooking process is simple: calamus root grind into powder with blender or coffee grinder. 2 tablespoons of this mixture pour 250 milliliters of cow milk and place on low heat. When the mixture is boiling, you add 1 teaspoon dried chamomile flowers dosage, also chopped. Ointment cook 10 minutes, stirring constantly. At the end add a little beeswax. Pour the mixture into a container with a wide neck and place in the fridge for 2 hours. It turned into an ointment, then it can be used. Not only for the treatment of burns, but also injuries, wounds, scratches and so on.

Egg white

For burns helps egg whites that need to be whipped, and then apply on the affected area. Note that this will be too hot, however after a couple of minutes the pain will be much less. It is noteworthy that this method is useful for people with severe burns. The wounds are mostly not remain on the skin.


Flour is in every kitchen, so far to run for a folk remedy is not necessary. Just smear the burn with a thick layer of flour and keep as long as possible. With this method, the pain subsides immediately, but blisters are not formed.


The pain and redness immediately go away if the burn grate with a piece of wet soap. But this applies only to minor burns. Just take in this case, gray or brown soap, not white, filled with various substitutes and synthetics.


Mash “Penicillin” in powder and sprinkle them the place burn. From this you will be pain and there will be blisters. Just one tablet, if the burn is small. The pain goes away in seconds.


Aloe Vera has magical healing properties. Cut off the spines of the plant, mash them and apply to the burns. For three or four days repeat, and the night lotion bandage elastic bandage. This will allow in the first days remove the symptoms.


Echinacea tincture is useful in the treatment of not only burns but also cuts, non-healing wounds. Soak her bandage and apply to the affected area. The procedure should be repeated several times a day.