Low fat yogurt is threatened by acne

Yogurt with low fat can make acne even uglier. This is despite the fact that for years experts denied any link between diet and skin condition.

For many years scientists claimed that there was no link between diet and various skin disorders do not exist. And still, many people believe that certain foods like chocolate or cheese can worsen conditions such as acne or eczema. Talking about it and many bloggers who constantly publish photo. In principle, if logically, the diet must have an impact on the skin, which is the largest organ of our body, constantly updated and require to carry out this process a variety of nutrients.

“There is a very complex relationship between what we eat and how it affects the skin, say dermatologists from the Cadogan Clinic in London. – Entering into our body the food passes through many processes, so that its bioavailability, that is what goes to the skin, is very low. That is why the nonsense is the assertion that different kinds of dietary Supplement with vitamin C supposedly makes the skin more supple and elastic. Yes, your body just will 99% of this vitamin from the body before it gets to the skin.”
Dairy products are often demonized and accused of various skin disorders. And again – there is no solid evidence that sugar or milk is harmful to the skin. But what to do with our own experience, which shows that higher consumption of milk we have more pimples? There are various hypotheses about this. In particular, it is believed that the cow’s hormones play a role in this process. But these hormones supposedly influence only in the case of milk artificially remove the fat. This is why dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese with low fat content can lead to worsening of acne. (READ MORE)