Mother-of-three died after buttock augmentation in Turkey

The mother of three children from the UK died after having plastic surgery on buttocks in Turkey. In this clinic go numerous stars of the English reality show.

29-year-old Lea Cambridge English Leeds, raising three children, decided to visit the clinic of plastic surgery in Turkey. She chose this place for the reason that people come here for different kinds of operations and procedures of the stars of the popular British reality show, and these telecameras equals the whole country. However, shortly after the doctors completed the operation to increase the buttocks, and the cost was 3000 pounds, woman lost consciousness. It is reported that lia died on the operating table, while the cause of her death is not established.

That is the answer to this question and is seeking 31-year-old Scott Franks, partner of the dead woman (in the photo they are together). He insists that the Turkish authorities have provided more information about the causes of the death of his beloved. Scott said that his life is completely destroyed after lia died. At the moment, along with his parents dead he is in Turkey and deals with the issues of sending the body of the lover to his homeland for burial. The most likely cause of death was fat embolism – vkladyvanii in the buttocks fat enters the blood stream, clog the arteries that supply blood to the lungs or heart.

Leah Cambridge went to Turkey for the popular Brazilian buttocks lift, in which fat from one part of the body (often the abdomen and back) and vylivaetsya is pumped into the buttocks to increase their volume. A popular alternative operations for installing implants in the buttocks. It is considered to be more secure. While we only know that Leah Cambridge had faced complications during surgery, and the doctors and nurses could not save her life. (READ MORE)